Club 33 Remodel

We sure love secret clubs. Club 33, the private members-only club hidden in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, just finished its first remodel and expansion since 1967. It’s an incredible example of Narrative Placemaking. It’s also the only place in Disneyland you can get booze. For $14,500 in annual dues you too can see their “living” animated paintings. It’s storytelling at its best. Photos from Dateline Disneyland.








2 thoughts on “Club 33 Remodel

  1. I would love to know how many people shell out that annual fee. I’m guessing you still have to pay for food and drink on top of that fee, correct?

  2. I think it’s 300-500 members. You can bring up to 9 guests with reservations, and park admission is free, provided you eat there (meals are about $100 per person).

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