Check out these excellent entries that Clinkers have submitted over the last few months.

Danielle! Love this concept and I love a little lady energy up in the Clink-uvesrse. I think the composition of the halo being donut shaped stack on top of a donut shape is cleaver, but I think the halo hanging at an angle might be a more interesting composition. Great expression!

Jesse! The gnarled Clink veteran hits us with his most complicated and sophisticated design ever. You’re really going for it dude. You remind me of a young Skye Dillion, ambitious and super talented. Keep at it!

Danielle! Yes! Another beauty. While I love the execution it’s missing a twist. Something that distinguishes the concept from other designs using a similar genre elements.

Russ! DUDE! Why have we not seen a whiffle ball concept before??? I love this. That guy’s whistle face need an extra pass. I want a good pucker on that face along with some air lines, etc.

Thomas and Efra! Very cool concept and very cool execution. I can see that Efra style. It’s a really concept and I love that it intersects classic characters and classic baseball elements.


6 thoughts on “Designed-By-Clinkers

  1. Wiffle ball! That one is fantastic. Maybe it could be slightly refined, but I think this concept is locked and loaded! I also love the Aztecs and the Flannel Jacks. But, the Flannel Jacks reminds me of the Slumber Jacks that has already done (not in style, but in subject matter).

  2. Danielle: Donuts – I really like the character of the donut, but I wonder if it would be helped by exaggerating some of the features. Maybe adding a curve of the icing to mimic a raised eyebrow? Maybe making the face a little larger too? Nice colors, too!
    Flannel-Jax – The rendering is spot-on, and I really enjoy the subtle plaid of the fabric. There’s something about the crossed bat and ax that seems a bit un-balanced, though. The weight of the ax head seems like it’s tipping the design to the right. Have you tried shortening the bat and then turning the whole thing about 45 degrees counter-clockwise? You’d still have your bat and ax, but also, with a little tweaking, a capital “F”

    Jesse: Great portrayal of what could be a touchy theme. Great fiery colorway, too! It’s hard to criticize the amount of detail when it’s used so well, but have you tries simplifying some of the elements for a more accurate reproduction in thread? I loved the underbrim fabric created for your Tribe hat – any thought to a custom underbrim design for this one? Maybe a silhouette of Aztec pyramids in black in from on a sunset design mimicking he red and yellow treatment of your wordmark?

    Russ: Fantastic. One of those “why haven’t we seen this sooner?” type of great ideas. Extra points for the old-timey flair. A revision to the whistling pucker and maybe the left mustache is all that might need attention. With the mustache, it it meant to wrap around the ball? If not, perhaps make it curl up entirely within the curve of the ball, or very intentionally break the edge of the circle?

    Thomas & Efra: Simple, but great. Embroidered in glow-in-the-dark or a silver screen-inspired metallic thread? Nicely done.

  3. Yes!!! I love seeing these contest designs! The new cap releases are awesome too but I like seeing one of these posts mixed in every once in a while! Thanks for taking my criticism Casey! I’ve got to say the whiffs is such a clever and cool name and has to be my favorite of this batch!

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