Club 33 Remodel

We sure love secret clubs. Club 33, the private members-only club hidden in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, just finished its first remodel and expansion since 1967. It’s an incredible example of Narrative Placemaking. It’s also the only place in Disneyland you can get booze. For $14,500 in annual dues you too can see their “living” animated paintings. It’s storytelling at its best. Photos from Dateline Disneyland.








Check out these excellent entries that Clinkers have submitted over the last few months.

Danielle! Love this concept and I love a little lady energy up in the Clink-uvesrse. I think the composition of the halo being donut shaped stack on top of a donut shape is cleaver, but I think the halo hanging at an angle might be a more interesting composition. Great expression!

Jesse! The gnarled Clink veteran hits us with his most complicated and sophisticated design ever. You’re really going for it dude. You remind me of a young Skye Dillion, ambitious and super talented. Keep at it!

Danielle! Yes! Another beauty. While I love the execution it’s missing a twist. Something that distinguishes the concept from other designs using a similar genre elements.

Russ! DUDE! Why have we not seen a whiffle ball concept before??? I love this. That guy’s whistle face need an extra pass. I want a good pucker on that face along with some air lines, etc.

Thomas and Efra! Very cool concept and very cool execution. I can see that Efra style. It’s a really concept and I love that it intersects classic characters and classic baseball elements.