Emeralds Homage to Padres- Pt. 3

As the guys who get to design so many official on-field logos and life long Padres fans, we’ve get to sneak Swinging Friar homages into projects whenever we can. Here’s just a few that Brandiose has designed, with the granddaddy on the left of course. FYI, this year’s round of rebrands will have a couple fun additions to this elite crew.



6 thoughts on “Emeralds Homage to Padres- Pt. 3

  1. I knew it! 😉 I knew you guys were such die hard Padres fans that you were sneaking homages in whenever you could.
    This is also one of my favourite poses in baseball branding so I can’t wait to see who else gets to join the crew.

  2. Love how you guys delete comments if we mention we dislike something. Oh no! We can’t take non positive feedback! Brainwash the people into only seeing positive comments. Grow up, children. Your hat designs are mediocre.

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