Clink X BP Mercenaries

We have a very exciting announcement Clinkers! For a limited time, when you guys buy a hat from the Clink Shop we’ll throw in a limited edition copy of The Clink Room X BP Mercenaries album (Yes, a whole album!) that includes 9 tracks of songs written and performed by BP Mercenaries, Blaze Rock and Pac0naut. These 2 Clinkers totally blew our mind when they sent over an entire album of songs inspired by the design work of Brandiose and Clinkers from around the World.

2014-10-28 13.30.13

I can’t thank Blaze and Paco enough for what they created. We just love the music and are truly flattered. Clinkers are the best!

PS. If you want to hear the album head over to the BP Mercenaries Band Camp. Be sure to check out as well!


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