Till Next Year!

Adversity builds character Royals fans. Character that you can use to kick the s*** out of the next World Series contender.



2 thoughts on “Till Next Year!

  1. Glad to read we are not the only ones who’s baby still sleeps in our bed;) My son is now 17 mohnts and I still breastfeed him cause He still wants to ha,ha And to be honest I love the moments when he lays so close to me cause they grow up so fast….( I never thought I would breastfeed so long, cause with the other 2 it didn’t last longer them 2 weeks) But we are also at a phase that I want him to learn to sleep in his own bed. Our problem is also that we have a downstairs bedroom and the kids sleep upstairs so we are really thinking how we’ll get him there ha,ha. But I’m sure we’ll get there.Love your bedding choice, I’m a fan of colour too.Love, from Holland

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