Introducing the Biloxi Shuckers

Brandiose is proud to introduce you to the Biloxi Shuckers, the Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Shuckers brand celebrates the perseverance of the Gulf Coast and Biloxi’s oyster industry. More behind the scenes coming soon!



5 thoughts on “Introducing the Biloxi Shuckers

  1. The Missions identity is fine, but this I really like. This really seems to hit all demographics – a fun anthropomorphic mascot, a classic monogram, and a strong oyster/B. Top it off with the lighthouse shield, and this is firing on all cylinders. My only quibble might be with the treatment of “Biloxi.” The italicized arch of letters in decreasing size was an odd choice. “Shuckers” is really nice, though!

    Patrick: I took the hat to be more of a fishing hat (a la Gilligan’s Island) more than a fedora.

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