Biloxi Shuckers – B.T.S. 6

Here’s the remaining portion of the brand design Brandiose did for the Biloxi Shuckers. Tomorrow, we’ll unveil another official on field hat!



6 thoughts on “Biloxi Shuckers – B.T.S. 6

  1. I love seeing all of these marks. I really like the night-time light house. I do wish the “B” on the white lighthouse was at the same perspective as the lighthouse, though. I’m sure it is the way it is to not disturb the continuity of how the “B” is treated, but it is a bit distracting in this instance. But, that is definitely nitpicking. Keep the great work coming!

  2. Pensacola needs help!!!! It is Genious to used a local fish for a mascot to bad we miessd that boat. Wahoos are far from local. Fantastic job proving the worthlessness of our community by outsourcing the branding. I understand it is usually one or two people making the final choice so I feel sorry for pensacola and their leaders.

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