Jesse Feltner’s Bay Dogs – Pt. 1

We’ve got a Clinker Designed style coming at you on Friday and it’s a looker. Jesse Feltner entered the Hometown League with this badboy and we knew it was special from the second we open the file. Lets get to know Jesse and learn more about his design.

Where are you from?
I live in Freedom, PA, about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh.

What is you design history? Are you a full-time designer? If design is your job and you can tell us, where do you work?
I have been fascinated with design, specifically sports branding, since I was old enough to follow sports. Like most kids I was drawn to teams by the colors and logos they had, rather than the players and accomplishments of the club. I’d say around the 7th grade I started doing fantasy team logos for myself and friends. It was always a dream of mine to pursue a career in marketing or advertising, but life tends to throw you curveballs and fatherhood took precedence. However, in my free time I am rarely away from a sketchbook or Adobe Illustrator.

What inspired you to submit your design to Clink?
I stumbled across the Clink Room purely by accident a few years ago and was amazed, not only by Casey and Jason’s work, but the work of fellow artists like myself and craziness that popped from their heads to page to screen. I always loved the contests Clink ran from time to time and the awesome submissions that they spawned, so when the Hometown League contest came around I figured I’d give it a shot. Obviously, now, I am glad I did.


Tell us a little behind the concept that you came up with. Is this style indicative of other work that you do?
Well when I have my mind set on a design I do a lot of research about the area the team will be located, the things that go on there, the iconography of the area, what colors would best represent the team and the locale in which they play, I don’t just settle for a flat drawing of a character or icon. In this case, I wanted to do a really bad-ass seal design because, let’s face it, seals just don’t get the love they deserve, and I know that San Francisco is a really good area of the country to find said bad-ass seal. I really wanted to challenge myself by not just drafting up a seal, I wanted to make the viewer see San Fran first, THEN the seal. It took a lot of erasing and repositioning and desk punching, but the end result was well worth it. I put a bow on the original design with the GG Bridge’s rusty red color and dark blue and gold.

Tomorrow More concepts, Thursday we’ll preview the hat, Friday you can take one home.


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