Tars & Mr. Noodle

I saw this great 9 min. mini-doc on the robots, Tars and Case, from Interstellar. I loved Interstellar and thought Tars and Case were so cool.

While watching the mini-doc above, I realized the puppeteer that is in charge of bringing Case to life is…

…Mr. Noodle! If you’ve got kids you know who I’m talking about. Mr. Noodle’s the best! Go get ’em Mr. Noodle!

Daniel Norris is My Hero

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the
Blue Jays organization out of high school. While life on the road
becomes normal for any pro athlete, the 21-year-old takes things to
the next level by spending his summers living in a Volkswagen camper van. VICE Sports traveled down to Blue Jays Spring Training to meet one of the sport’s top pitching prospects.