PawSox Alt-Tomorrow!

Pawtucket PawSox, tomorrow in the Clink Shop.


10 thoughts on “PawSox Alt-Tomorrow!

  1. Wish I would I have known this hat was coming out in the Clink Store. I ended up buying directly from the Paw Sox as soon as saw it. As someone who already owns this drop, I highly recommend it as a must-have for any Clink/Brandiose collector.

  2. Chris, we seriously considered two socks, but our friends at the PawSox didn’t want the logo to be mistaken for a RedSox cap. They made a great point. The single sock forces the double take, thus drawing more attention to their cap.

  3. I’m most excited for my long awaited first ever clink hat to be released, the Troopers!!!
    That said, I’d be even more excited if you jumped the gun and released my revised Kiwi (aka North Shore Browns) hat, which I’m sure the Clink community will love just as much! Looking forward to the coming months releases guys!!! 😉

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