San Antonio Missions-Pt.1




6 thoughts on “San Antonio Missions-Pt.1

  1. Best part of the Clink Room right here. The pinatas are particularly great, and the M with bells could easily be adopted if the affiliation ever switched to the Twins. That would make a great homage/throwback cap.
    Question: in hearing different identity designers speak, there seems to be a range of answers to to the question of when to take sketches into Illustrator. Some refine their pencils until they are as tight as can be, while others jump right into vectoring and make edits in the software. Do you fall in one camp or the other?

  2. Nathan, there’s a tipping point and it’s different for different logos. Sketching is always faster, but we’re always seeking the moment to digitize. The tipping point is when we know subsequent tweaks are easier done in Illustrator, then sketching a new version of the logo. Usually our partners say, “I love this logo, but can we just make the teeth a little bigger?” That’s when we know we can safely digitize the logo. If they ask to see it from a different angle, its probably best to keep the design in sketch form.

  3. Thanks, Jason! I often find myself too quick to jump into vectoring, which leads to making the work too precious, too quickly, and leads to me being adverse to large revisions. It’s encouraging to see your (and Casey’s) discipline of working out all ideas on paper first, and then moving to digital when it’s appropriate.

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