RoughRiders “RR” – Available!

Frisco RoughRiders Official On Field designed by Brandiose, available now only in the Clink Shop! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!



4 thoughts on “RoughRiders “RR” – Available!

  1. Graham Harrell was a GREAT college fotblaol player, a quick thinker on his feet. You ought to view the 60 Minutes episode about Coach Leach and the explanation of how to execute Leach’s style of playing! Not only is Graham a great player, but he is a wonderful human being and helped lead his TexasTech Team to victory many times, especially the HUGE win against Texas in ’08. That BIG play at the end of the game became BSPN’s play of the year!!! I will be following the Packers for the first time just because of Graham being a part of the team. I need SOMEONE to cheer on since I’m not able to cheer for Texas Tech until they do right by Coach Leach!!! Swords up, mates, and you go, Graham!!!

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