Reverse The Curse-This Week

Man have we been absent. Sorry about that everyone. The ramp up to baseball season and the subsequent first month of the season putting out fires requires the Brandiose boys to take a break and lick their wounds for a bit. But we’re still kicking and we’ve got lots of stuff on the way. Like this week for instance, Justin’s Reverse The Curse hat, available this Friday only in the Clink Shop. Thanks Clinkers!



7 thoughts on “Reverse The Curse-This Week

  1. You’re right Rich, there is no chance the Aussies won’t try and make an issue out of it. During the 1st test I got the felieng that he is not the most popular with his own team mates, the look on Strauss’ face when Trott nearly ran him out was telling.Remember what happened to Shah! I’d say running between wickets played a part in his axing.Always get the impression Trott will have to do a lot more than Colin Wood or Bell to keep his place.And yes, I have to agree, that innings buys him a hell of a lot of credit with me. He deserves to go to OZ for that knock alone, plus the fact that he is guaranteed to get under their skin!

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