Retro Tulsa Drillers – Tomorrow!

Retro Tulsa Drillers only in the Clink Room Shop!



5 thoughts on “Retro Tulsa Drillers – Tomorrow!

  1. Definitely think Jordan is smoking something. This one is amazing. Light blue isn’t my color, but if this were on a dark blue I’d definitely consider it.

  2. My family and I are fenlieg some of the effects of the gas drilling. We live in Bradford county with at least 4-5 wells 2-3 miles from us. You would think that the disistance would be well enough away that we wouldnt see the effects. This isnt the case. After speaking with a neighbor down the road who has a contaminated well we decided to take ourselves and our kids get a heavy metal and barium blood test as well as have our water tested. Both DEP and Chesapeak stated that their was nothing wrong with our water, however our blood test indicated that we all had barium poisoning including our 2year old and at that time 6 month old. We were suposed to start seeing a toxicologist in sayre however our apt kept being pushed back. We then recieved a phone call from the dr who before even seeing us stated that the gas wells were to far to affect us and that thier was no link at all with our issues and the 2-3 wells that went up around us. Needless to say we started makeing the drive to philly for a toxicologist who doesnt hold the same opion of the one in sayre. Donations or Bribes?!

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