Patrick’s Haboobs – Tomorrow!

Patrick Finney’s long-awaited Haboobs available tomorrow only in the Clink Store!



4 thoughts on “Patrick’s Haboobs – Tomorrow!

  1. Ohhhh. That looks so dope!! Ive been waiting to see how this one would come out. Nasty! Way to go Patrick and Clink. Fresh to death.

  2. You asked for it Scott,I’ve wrettin you a whole lot.And you n’er write back. and/or?:You asked for it Scott,I’ve wrettin you a whole lot.Now you’re getting more. Life:Sometimes makes me tiredBunnies running through my yard.Eating my lettuce. And political:Writing a haikuIn my air-conditioned home.Keep fracking, baby! Finally, just nice—just true:Things I’d like to sayIn a happy haiku wayTimes-Call writers rock! One more, please—Thank you for the fun.My haikuing must be done.Life and family call.

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