Jesse’s NYC Mosaic – Available!

Jesse Velleu’s NYC Mosaic now available only in the Clink Shop!


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


3 thoughts on “Jesse’s NYC Mosaic – Available!

  1. Hi, Jonesport, I’ve considered adpitang some of my books for younger readers, but I’ve found people of all ages can get something out of them as they’re written now. It’s OK if stuff goes over some reader’s heads. I’m not naturally cut out for writing to a targeted age group. I’ve met so many 4 and 5 year olds who are dino experts that I’ve thrown out any assumption about what people of different ages are capable of or interested in.

  2. Jon: Thanks!Eric: Interestingly, the story Blood Picnic is in the middle of my anothlogy. That decision really kept me up at night, since it would certainly seem logical to have it come first. Unfortunately, that story is a sequel to the story Nom de Plume , so unless I renamed them both (which I considered doing), Blood Picnic would have to give up the #1 slot, regardless. There are so many ways to do this, aren’t there?The main point, though, is to consider how the reader will see the flow of the book. After all, if our customers aren’t happy, that’s a bad sign, isn’t it?

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