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Hey Clinkers,

After over 5 years of The Clink Room, Jason an I have decided to put Clink on hold for the foreseeable future. We’ll keep the site up, as a record of all the fun stuff Clink accomplished. However we’ll no long be posting new content and the shop will eventually wind down and stop selling product. As you have probably observed, we haven’t been able to keep up with posting quality content, producing quality hats, running contests, and interacting with Clinkers in a way that a community like this one deserves. 

Hopefully you’ll understand how difficult this decision is for us. Clink has been a labor of love and has provided us with wonderful memories. We’ve made great friends, we’ve found incredible talent to help us out at Brandiose, and we’ve got to collaborate with incredible brands, designers, and artists. But hands-down, the best part of the past 5 years has been getting to know you Clinkers.

As you may know, Clink has always been a side project. Brandiose takes precedent in our working lives. When Brandiose was busy, Clink’s energy would wane. That rhythm was fine for the first few years of Clink. In the past couple years a few things changed that have made it clear it’s time to put Clink on the shelf. Three years ago Jason and I started Boomaphone, the app company that builds and manages MiLB’s Inside The Park. It has blossomed into a great business for us with exciting opportunities on the horizon. Opportunities that require more and more of our attention. The second development has been our growing families. In order to be the attentive husbands and fathers that we want to be, we can no longer work the late nights that Clink used to consume. In the early days, I would be up late into the night packing orders for the following day. Jason would be working on Shopify readying product for launch. Now, it’s more important to be home to read to our sons before bed.

Over the last few months, Jason and I had actually been working on plans to reboot Clink. With new investments, new talent to help with the workload, new technology, even a new business model. For a while, it looked promising and we got really excited about the potential new directions for the project. In the end, it never gathered the steam that we look for when starting something new. Disappointingly, excitement and planning only got us so far.

While Clink’s sales never broke records, Clink always turned a small profit. It was always self-sufficient and that does feel like an accomplishment. But when we reflect back on the last 5 years, we would have ran Clink for free due to all the unexpected benefits we’ve gained. Writing a blog post nearly every day improved my writing (or so my wife tells me). We learned a lot about retail (it’s a tough business). We built something from scratch with very little investment (shoutout to Shopify, WordPress, and Mail Chimp). We got a few new baddass clients and got to work with talented people at incredible companies (thanks Ian and Jamie). We connected and became friends with fantastic designers (big shout outs to Samm, Kai, Erik, Aaron, Efra, Kevin, Chris, T.J., Aussie Ryan, Martin, Tom, Danny, El Jeffe, Gyula, Jesse, Chad, Justin, Patrick, Jamal, Whittier, Nathan, Josh and many many more). We partnered with super talented people (thank you Nai, Strictly Fitteds, New Era Cap Talk, Nikki, CouldBe Studios, Mikhail, Juan-Carlos and Kixpo Crew, Jay, Paco, and Blaze) And we formed very close friendships and partnerships with the great folks over at Hat Club (we love you Paul, Steven, Ryan, Jon, and Ashley).

There’s a lot of loose ends to tie up, please be patient with us. If you email me with a specific question about some business that we still have left to sort out, I promise you we’ll do our best to resolve things.

You may be asking yourself… well if Clink presented you with all these benefits and you’d run Clink at a loss, why not just keep Clink going? To that, all I can say is when you know it’s time to shelf a project, you know. It’s time for Jason and I to concentrate on other opportunities.

As a final parting message to all our Clinkers out there, keep making awesome stuff, work on stuff that you love, we hope we inspired you guys with some of our behind the scenes stuff and stories. We hope you got a kick out of designing, purchasing, and wearing our unusual designs. Thank you for supporting Clink in all the ways that you have. We love and appreciate you all.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers.

Jason & Casey


29 thoughts on “Closing Clink

  1. I am so sad to hear this! Of course, I totally understand. Thank you guys so much for all the effort you have put into this the last few years. This has been a huge inspiration to me and I have gained as an artist so much from our interactions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future for freelance projects, etc. I would love to keep in contact. Will you ever post any behind-the-scenes sketches on Facebook or anything? Obviously, not on the regular…

    Thanks again, and best of luck! I will miss this site.

  2. Bittersweet news to be sure! Has it really been 5 years? Wow. The Clink Room had a great run. While it’s certainly sad to say goodbye to a site I’ve always checked daily, kudos for knowing when to step away, and for making the decision for family reasons. Your families will remember the bedtime stories more than any business venture. Good on you both!

    Thank you for your generous advice, willingness to interact both on and off the site, and for sharing all the behind-the-scenes sketches and insight. That was always my favorite part of Clink, and hopefully some of those still sneak out form time to time here, on Facebook, or on Looking forward to see what work you release next! All the best to you both, Jason & Casey.

  3. This is a bummer to hear, I enjoyed the contests over the years and I wish you fellas the best.

    …but what about Clinkers with signed contracts for winning designs that never got produced? I know not every winner actually had their hats made, so how is that going to be resolved?

  4. Thank you Jason and Casey.
    Thank you for such a great ride and helping me to hone my skills.
    I owe you immensely for your Constructive Criticism, for your Enthusiasm for Design, and for giving us ALL the Opportunity to meet others with the same Design Esthetic.

    Please reach out if you ever need a freelancer.

  5. This is sad news, though I understand. All things come to an end at some point, but the Clink Room has certainly meant a lot to me. I proud of what you guys have done, and appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to collaborate with you.
    Till the very end, we saw Clink produce some great caps, and have seen awesome behind the scenes sketches and stuff. Thanks for keeping the site up so at least we can go back in the archives and look through the history, memories are still better than nothing. And like you guys, Ive because of the Clink Room I have gotten the opportunity to meet and network with some cool and talented individuals and it has benefited me immensely. Thanks so much Jason and Casey.

  6. Being involved in The Clink Room has changed my view of graphic design and the hat as a medium in great ways. I was really fortunate to get a couple of hats produced and was inspired to make some on my own, too.

    I also loved the tips people would give each other after their submissions. It was a great little community. I met some great people here.

    Thanks to Casey and Jason for doing this and all the extra content in between. It’s been fun!

  7. I guess I saw this coming for a while, though it doesn’t make it any less sad. Really enjoyed the feedback sessions and contests, they were my favourite parts of the clink project. Having a friend see not just 1 but 2 cap designs produced was a source of pride for me- even though they weren’t my designs!

    I wonder if you could transfer it to someone who has the time for it.. maybe the guys from studio simon?

  8. Thank u Casey&Jason for believing in me and some of my visions! U guys will always be apart of my life! U helped me switch my life up for something positive,I wish u guys much success and greatness!I plan on paying homage to the clink very soon! “Sneaky laughing”

  9. I only ask, is there a way to get a blog on Brandiose so we can see all the BTS and “failed” designs for the things you guys produce?

    Thanks for the memories and creative adventure.


  10. I’ve been searching for the right words to say but I was having trouble finding them the last few days. So, I’ll just say THANK YOU from Blaze and I. You guys are absolutely amazing at what you do. We were honored to be a part of Clink for so long and make friends from it. We were more than honored to collaborate with you in the way that we know how, through music. It’s a shame it had to come to this, but I think we kinda knew it was coming. Family is WAY more important. Just know that the Clink Kong sketch will always be my wallpaper on my studio monitors. We hope the Clinkerverse enjoyed our EP. Again, Jason and Casey, thank you both. You helped us achieve something special as you have done with many others on here. For that, we will always be appreciative.

    One more time and it’s not enough,
    Thank you.

  11. Without the Clink Room I never would have met a bunch of great guys, and there never would have been Taco Jesus Hot Sauce. I thank you guys, and everyone associated with Clink for a great few years. Casey and Jason please let me know whenever you guys are in Clearwater working with the Threshers. It’s always a fun time meeting you guys at the Tiki for a few “Coca Colas”

  12. Saddened to hear about this. The Clink Room was a daily stop for me and it will definitely be missed. The fact that it existed at all says a lot about Casey and Jason’s ability to blaze new trails. Having two hats made by them is easily two of the brightest highlights of my design career thus far. I’ll forever be a fanatic of the Brandiose/Clink portfolio.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way we can keep Clink alive…Jason and Casey worked their tails off to keep it going. Can the Clink community utilize its strength in numbers to take it off their hands and help it grow? I’m thinking about setting up a Slack channel or a page on Reddit for Clinkers to still be able to show work, critique each other, share outside inspiration, create monthly challenges, vote on our favorites, and, who knows…maybe crowd fund a new series of hats? What does the group think? I’m open to suggestions on setting it up. I’d be happy to dedicate time each week to maintaining a forum or whatever it is.

    Who’s on board?

  13. Its a sad day knowing you guys are leaving.I would always visit your website because I love fitted hats. Im kicking myself for one in particular, a hat the Altoona Curve. I shouldve bought one when I had the chance, it was sold out and now that your closing for good I am depressed that i didnt grab one. I know you had to make the hard decision and close. I want to thank you for the awesome hats, the awesome blogs. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You guys will be a legend to me in my eyes. I will tell my son about The Clink Room and how they use to create kick ass hats.
    Thank You Guys!!! You will be missed but never forgotten

  14. one last “clink” in thanks to jason and casey…

    the thing that drew me to what was going on here in the beginning was that clink was building a small community, but a diverse community. it was possible to be a clinker as a designer, a collector, a baseball fan, a stylish cat… everything about clink was real people doing real things.

    thanks for putting the sickest EVER designs on caps, guys. they are my favorites from the entire collection.

    BIG cheers to the 1 in 150 completists! as OG as clinking gets… i’m still looking for you, Tulsa Drillers! 😉

    so big love to everyone that was a part of this and see you at an MiLB ballpark somewhere down the road… :)

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