Our 2010 Minor League Baseball Teams

This year we’ve re-branded or created new brands for 6 teams. Here’s a selection of our favorite cap logos from those teams, one from each team. We’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at each of these projects over the next few months and we’ll be offering Official-on-field caps of those teams in the store. Click on each of the logos to go to the official team website. If you’re near any of these teams, you should make an effort to go check out their games. They’re all great cities and great operators. A guaranteed good time.

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Everett AquaSox

Mobile BayBears

Lakewood BlueClaws

Delmarva Shorebirds

Wilmington BlueRocks

Strange Alt-Mark

This is one of the weirdest alternative marks that we’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool as hell. But ideas like this usually hit the cutting room floor. Todd, the guy that runs the Boise Hawks, is a visionary, plain and simple.

Rejects-Albany Warbirds

I haven’t seen this stuff in almost 10 years. This was our second client ever, an Arena Football team in Albany, NY. We did it while we were still in college. The team was eventually called the Albany Conquest and was named that for a bunch of years before Arena Football went bust. I think they may have changed their logo and name to something else the last year or two by a new owner.

With this team we went through a bunch of team names, the Ironmen, which was shot down by lawyers worried about the watch company and the company that puts on the triathlons. Eventually we settled on the Conquest. But this was one of the first names, the Albany Warbirds. We were all ready to unveil the team name and then September 11th happened. Things were so uncertain after that, the team decided that it was prudent to head in another direction. Looking back it probably would have gone over well with the swell of patriotism that followed 9/11, also could have been controversial. Oh well.

This is a pretty cool sleeve mark.

Got a few Rejects League entries already, looking good! I’ll start posting them tomorrow. Also tomorrow, we’ll show you the New Haven Green Sox, an independent league team that never made it out the gate.

Rejects-New Haven Green Sox

Here’s a team that never got off the ground, the New Haven Green Sox. Named for the town greens that are at the center of all the impossibly small towns in Connecticut and it’s proximity to another town with a baseball team that has a similar name. Can’t remember what that team’s name is off hand but oh well. This was the beginning of our mission to find the right home for a team to use striped sock in their uniforms. It took another 3 years till we finally found the Wilmington Blue Rocks. A great fit for Wilmington, we’re excited to see the team take the field in stripes.

It’s really too bad that the team had to fold before they could unveil all this stuff. Sad for the city of New Haven, sad for the guys that owned and ran the team. All this stuff you see is exactly where we had to end the project. So you can see that we were still trying to pin stuff down. Love that swinging guy, it’s a reference to an old swinging beer barreled Brewers logo.

Rejects-Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp

Over the last 10 years of naming and redesigning identities for teams we’ve had a lot of rejected team names. To honor our new League we’ve just kicked off, the Rejects League. We’re going to show off some rejected names and designs from teams that we’ve rebranded.

Starting with the Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp. Here’s what wikipedia has to say…

I think it came in second place in the vote for the team name. It’s an awesome name. Here’s a design that we did for the team. Last year, the team did a “what could have been” night. The team played as the Blind Cave Shrimps, they had merch. I think a alternative mascot might be in the works. We might do an Edition cap of this guy. So Minor League.

Tomorrow we’ll show you, the Albany War Birds!

Threshers Q n A 2

All great questions about the Threshers project…

I’m intrigued to hear the relationship between ideas you have and the ability to execute them – such as the jersey example above. Great idea on the jersey but impractical to execute. Any other similar examples?
-Patrick Lagreid

I liked the blue one they had, but I guess they no longer use that. Is it not possible to get a beige in the mesh style?
-Jeff Crupper

Great questions Patrick & Jeff! Part of the Plan B culture is to try things that have never been done before. Whether it’s cork on cap bills or jersey colors. We always develop the idea first – without boundaries – then work to make it happen. A few years back, New Era stocked a cap color called ‘Slate Blue’ which we used for the Tulsa Drillers – and the Tulsa Phase IV Edition. Unfortunately nobody made a Slate Blue jersey. So we did some detective work and located the fabric mill that supplies all the manufactures. The mill said if the club would pay to dye a bolt of fabric (which would last a few years) it was a done deal. The manufacturer agreed to store the fabric, and several thousand dollars later players donned Slate road tops. But nobody made Slate Blue merch, so it the end the club switched to Royal. Great idea, a lot of work, and less practical in the end. Jeff, nobody makes Sand in mesh and we’re staying away from custom dying!

You have a YouTube Channel, but there are no videos on there. Why not post some of your past commercials? The Threshers have had some good stuff over the years. I’d like to see what else you’ve done.
-Jeff Crupper

Yes, we’re going to develop a You Tube channel at some point. Here’s most of the commercials.

Just wondering since we didn’t talk about it much when you stopped by, which is more important to teams lately: Color scheme or the logo?

Great question! It depends on your market. The fashion market leans towards color-ways, but a team and it’s fans just want a killer logo. I guess it depends on if you’re a fan of the team or just want a fashionable look.

Threshers Q n A

This is a cool idea. If any one has any other questions, we’ll be checking in the comments section for the next few days and we’ll update this post with answers.

Eric asked…

“Here we are a couple of years since this project was finished, do you look at the logo set and think “man, I should have done this or should have done that”? Because I figure as the years go by you get better at your craft and when you look back you see ways things could be improved.”

I would have done two things differently. One, is the process, our process of developing a new identity is so methodical now. I feel bad when I think back to all the B.S. that we put the Threshers staff through to develop this identity. I know they didn’t have a bad experience. They’re still some of our favorite clients (I’m writing this year’s TV spots today) and they’re our good friends too. It’s just that our process is more confident now I guess? Not sure the best way to describe it. It’s just more fun, more efficient, more methodical.

The other thing I’d change is uniforms. They’re great looking, don’t get me wrong. Mike Schmidt looks awesome out there. But they’re impractical. It’s the Florida State League. They play in the summer. The jersey material that we had to use to get the color we liked could stop bullets it’s so thick. And the “Threshers” name-plate across the front is like 4 layers of tackle twill, the stiffest material know to man. So you have a thick jersey, with a bar of material across the front, no good. A couple years ago we redesigned the unis, above are they’re current ones. We gave them an alternative sleeveless option and just put the shark on the left front panel.

Anyone else got questions?

Also, a new League starts next week. Monday or Tuesday! Can’t wait.

Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 10

About the time that we were getting ready to unveil the team name and logos, the Phillies announced Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt would be the Threshers Manager. Mike was the star of the inaugural TV ads we produced with the Threshers, and we was a awesome to work with! He laughed, did whatever we asked, and made the whole experience tons of fun! Here’s some of the photos of the big unveiling in Clearwater and working with Mike…

If you’d like to explore more of the Threshers project, swing by our Website, PlanBBranding.com. Also, if you have any questions have about the project, we’d love to explain more!

Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 9

When Case and I were working for the San Diego Padres, they had just started a spirt group/street team called the Pad Squad. They’re a group of fun, energetic staff members who organize in-game contests, show up at community events, and promote goodwill for the Padres. As the two of us were building the Threshers brand we though, “These guys need a Pad Squad of their own!” Below are a list of potential names and uniform mock-ups…

Brand Story Clearwater Threshers Pt 8

Whenever we approach a new Minor League team, we always try to do something we’ve never seen before. For the Clearwater uniforms, the vision was a Thresher chasing a ball on all fielding uniforms – and a Thresher holding a bat on all batting uniforms (Batting Practice Jerseys & Caps and Helmets). Here’s what we dreamed up…