I Need a Girl Scout Sash

Well, The Clink Room needs a Girls Scout sash. Scratch that, The Clink Room needs something like a Girl Scout sash. Something to put all of our patches on. I feel as if they’re kinda like merit badges and that they need a sash-esque place to call home. Know what I mean? A letterman’s jacket? A giant blank hat? A sticker book?

Shout out any ideas you have in the comments. If your idea gets used not only will we be indebted to you for eternity. But We’ll shower you with Clink Room merchandise, you’ll get Clink patches from now till the end of time, and whatever sash-esque thing you invent of course.

Clink Kong Rd.4

Getting a lot of entries so lets pick up the pace.

Davey Wavey! Real name? A rhyming name is pretty awesome. And so is the thinking behind this design. I think you’re onto something but it needs another Clink element. Can you make that peel into a “K”? What about the pencil “C” thrown in there for good measure? Great thinking Davey Wavey, that goes for you and your parents.

Jeffe! Really glad to see you up in the mix. And it’s nice to see you going for the straight forward design. You should be proud of this one. It’s got some great elements in there. Make those eyes bigger and they need to engage us. They should be starring us down. Same thought for you too, needs a Clink element in there. You have a very solid foundation with this character. Great work.

C.J.! I like all of this. But the hand holding the pencil is the real star. That’s a great icon. needs the back end of the pencil poking out of the bottom but other than that, good to go. The gorilla head is great to but needs to be clamping down the pencil or ditch the pencil all together. The head has a great iconic quality. So many ways to render a gorilla head, love it. That hand though, big contender.

Clink Patch Take Over

This is a good idea. Even with New Era producing the hats this should be an option right? Point taken.

Everything we do with Clink is an experiment. When we decided to try doing a tee with one of our Edition Logos on it we had to think of a way to give it context to the medium, silk screening. Fleshing out the logo with shading and extra detail seemed like a fun way to accomplish that, we really think it adds something to the shirt and to the logo. We’re thinking of adding this treatment to all our logos that we design for our clubs to use on their printed materials. It’s been interesting to see the different contributions that Clink has made to Plan B.’s process.