Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 4

I know some of you may have been looking forward to seeing the work we did for Hoshino-san. And I would love to be able to show you, but I can’t. Sorry for the buzz-kill. Maybe someday. But I can show you the one picture I have of our meeting. It took place in a hotel in Kobe. Yes, we had steak at the meeting. It was all very covert ops. We waited in the lobby till they prepped the room then we went up then Hoshino-san came in and we got to hang-out and pepper him with questions. Even though he’s not famous in the U.S. we still saw him everywhere, TV ads, the printed ads hanging in the subway. By the time we had our meeting it was very exciting. And he was a really cool, funny dude.

This poor dude had to wear a full Rudolph get-up in front of department store.

Some of the most memorable parts of the trip were the most surprising. Being terrified at how fast the bullet train from Tokyo to Kobe was. So freakin’ fast. I couldn’t sleep the first night, so at 3:30 am I woke up and went for a run around our hotel. It was our first 24 hours in Country, so everything was fascinating and with it all being so quiet while I ran around the buildings, across rivers, and around the Emperor’s Palace. It was very surreal and memorable.

We also went to a few Buddhist temples. This one had these great, Ginko?, trees all dressed in yellow. Those drawers all had different prayers in them.

Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 2

We had 10 days in Japan for our trip. Our goal, whether it’s Japan or Pensacola, is to submerge ourselves in that city or countries vibe as much as humanly possible. I’ll admit, it’s exhusting. But it’s always fascinating. From tourist spots to Tower Records. We try to see, do and eat as much as possible. Here’s a tip. Wanna get stuff for friends and family on your international trips? I always go for magazines and books. I came back with a giant stack of magazines from Tower. Everything from fashion to home decor. People always freak for them. Look at this fantastic subway sign!

We even had time to meet up with my roommate and a really good friend from college. Toru and I lived together for 4 years. He works at Toyota now as a designer. And Takashi is crazy and awesome. When I first met him he had dreads down to his ass. He’s so scared of flying that he would buy tickets on shipping freighters to get from Tokyo to NYC. I miss both these guys.

Clink Hearts Japan Pt. 1

As promised, and as a way to get you guys excited for a Japan themed Clink Kong patch, here is part 1 photo journal of Jason and my trip to Japan. We were fortunate enough to be taken to the Land of the Rising Sun on business. And our hosts were amazing. Full-time tour guides and translators. Great meals. It was awesome. We were there for a great project too. Help infamous baseball player and manager Senichi Hoshino brand himself. Aside from his many on-field achievements, Mr. Hoshino is a huge pop culture figure in Japan. He was even voted father of the year (Yeah, they vote on that. Awesome.). It was our first time to Japan so everything was interesting to us. Vending machines, the fact that Jason could get his Dr. Pepper fix, advertising, leaves.