International Shipping Experiment!

Clinkers around the World, good news! Jason and I have heard your cry. International shipping became too expensive after we transitioned to Hat Club shipping Clink orders. When we shipped hats out of our office we had a great International rate and International Clinkers ate it up.

That great international shipping rate is back! We’re starting our International Shipping experiment with 3 countries: Canada, the UK, and Australia. If that goes well we’ll add more! (We see you Japan, Germany, and France!) Here’s the dets…


Head to the Clink store and lets give this International Shipping thing a test drive! Here’s the complete list of shipping rates and speeds…


New Swag Bags!


Check out a few items that may appear in your swag bag when you buy a hat from the Clink store. Custom bottle caps, stickers, merit badges, even the bags themselves are custom. Keep a look out for a few surprises as well. It’s a real fun mix, we know you guys will love them.