Lets dig into T.J. Monteiro’s Boogiemen! This was a One-and-doner if I recall correctly. And what a one-n-Doner it was. I love this concept. Not only is a great design, but it’s funny and a perfect fictional team name. When we first started opening up the Clink Room to collaborations this is exactly the type of designs we hoped to get.

Here are some of T.J.’s inspirations.

T.J. was also inspired by this classic from MC Shan. “Hip hop was set out in the dark They used to do it out in the park.”

Tomorrow, T.J.’s epic sketches. And I mean it, epic.

Jesse’s Glowfish BTS – Pt.3

And here are Jesse’s final Illustrator versions. We really liked the final version of these designs. But, like a lot of the collaboration designs they had a little too much detail for embroidery.

So we simplified the design but tried to keep it’s same character. And instead of having the detail in different colors we opted for Clink’s signature embroidery detail. Here’s the final Illustrator version and the stitch instructions showing off those scales.

Tomorrow morning we’ll preview the hat. Tomorrow night at 9PM PST Midnight EST the hat will be go on sale.

Jesse’s Glowfish BTS – Pt.2

Check these great sketches torn straight from the pages of Jesse’s sketchbook. I love how full of personality these are. You don’t need to have tight sketches to get you to the point where you’re ready to go into Illustrator.

I also love the differences between the different triggerfish. Some are smaller with more cartoony attributes. Some are big and ominous. And the “BD” is a cool idea. Great work Jesse, again sketches remain my favorite part of these collaborations.

Super7xBrandiose – Pt. 1

Super7 called us a few months back, said they were fans, then we said we were fans, then we both said “jinx”. Then we decided to do a hat together. They said, lets do a snapback of Joshua Herbolsheimer’s Rose Vampire, then we said uh, like yeah. Then we did it. These were the first few sketches we put together.

We decided to go with the Rose Vampire making sweet sweet tender Vampire-love to a baseball bat. With a bloody “S7” alongside a simplified Kong icon on the back.

Tomorrow, we’ll sneak the collaboration. Tomorrow at Noon PST/3pm EST the snapback will go on sale!