Hometown League Winners!

Here are the 6 big winners of the Hometown League contest! Congrats to all of them. I think there are some great concepts in this batch and we look forward to bringing them to life. I know there are some surprises in here. We really tried to pick entries that had the most interesting concept, not necessarily a production ready design. Jason and I want these contests to be true collaborations between Clinkers and Brandiose and with these winners we will showcase the dynamic of these Clinker X Brandiose collaborations. Below you’ll find a brief look at why we picked these designs to be our winners.


Jesse Velleu’s “Tribe” – Our first ever instant draft jumped out of our inbox when we first got it. The Native American is iconic a classic. Inspired by Jesse’s Hometown City’s seal it Jesse took a retro design and modernized it by adding graphic waves to the shadows. That mix of retro and contemporary makes this very interesting.

David Creighton-Pester’s “Big A Mascot” – Just look at that face, that lean, that swagger. I love his piercing eyes, I love his glowing cheeks, I love his asymmetrical hat.

David Creighton-Pester’s “Big A” – Simple and clean. This sort of entry I really love. The Shadow League produced a lot of this type of entry. That limited color palette is a gift to these contests. I was happy to see that David restrained himself from complicating this concept. I think they’re going to love this in New York.

Martin Lopez’s “Skin Walkers” – This is such a great concept. The powerful symbol of a warrior in black and red face paint wearing the head of a wolf as he screams into battle. We love the idea of this design having 2 icons in it. The wolf and the warrior. We can’t wait to help Martin bring this concept to the next level.

Martin Lopez’s “Aztlan” – This was one of the major vote getters in this contest. And I agree, I think it’s a really cool image. The character radiates strength and confidence. I think the design is a little complicated as is but, working with Martin, we’ll simplify the design so that his concept will look it’s best in embroidery.

Jesse Feltner “Bay Dogs” – It’s unusual to see a design that has such a unique sense of style. The San Francisco icons within the seal head are flat and simplified almost like a hieroglyph. And the shape of the seal’s head is instantly recognizable. Again, simple and iconic was the deciding factor in making this entry a winner.

Thank you to all of you who entered. We’re going to start another contest in a few weeks so you’ll have another chance to win soon. Behind-the-scenes of our first project we did with Mattel starts tomorrow! Pixar, Disney, Mattel, it’s an exciting step in the history of Brandiose. We’re looking forward to sharing that story with you.

Hometown League – Final Entries!

Last post of entries! If we missed one of your submissions, please shoot me an email and I’ll communicate with you if we in fact did miss it or if we decided that it was a revision that we thought wasn’t different enough from the original. Thanks and lets get to it!

@alf_e! This is most excellent! This front logo would look awesome sewn onto a huge patch like the do in the Navy. This is excellent thinking. One-n-done!Hometown-ATalf_e

Jeremy! Great redo. Done!Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-Rev

Len! Yes! I love this little bugger. And the black and white colorway really helps to sell this bad boy. Done!Hometown-LenKori

Nathan! Awe man, I’ve been wanting to name a Minor League Baseball team the Jackalopes forever. We got close once, even did some concepts for the team but they went with the Casper Ghosts instead. Don’t be surprised if you see us reviving this name it’s awesome. Oh, and this design is awesome! One-n-done!Hometown-NathanCyr

Paul! Yes! Funky Minor League style. A great redo. Done!Hometown-PaulBreen-redux

Sean! Dangerous! Done!Hometown-SeanCollins-Rev

Zoltán! A fine vintage indeed! Done!Hometown-ZoltanLovas-Rev

Alright Clinkers, that’s it. The Hometown League is officially closed for entries. Now, you guys have to give us a week or so to construct the ballot. We’re traveling all this week so thanks for you patience. While you wait, head back though the past entries and start to compile your list of favorites. Great work everyone!

Hometown 2nd to last!

Clinkers! Just made my way through the last of the revised entries. I saw that a lot of you were concerned that I didn’t get your revised entry. Thanks again for your patience. We have entries today and tomorrow and then we’re done posting entries! Exciting! If your revised entry wasn’t posted that means that we felt like it wasn’t different enough to be reposted. But not to worry, your most recent revised entry will appear on the final ballot so your design will get it’s day in the sun that way. Thanks and one more day!

Aussie Ry! Great redo. That platy is growing on me something fierce. I can’t decide if I like the “P” platy or the Platy solo. What do Clinkers think?

Jacob! This is so great. I love the use of shadow, I love this guy’s expression, the spurs on the “S” are great. All of it is awesome! One-n-done!Hometown-JacobScowden

Derek! Your entry is this smaller size because you sent us a PNG and not a vector file. A victim of switching site formats mid-contest. This is a cool redo! I’d cut the amount of drips to half this to help the concept embroider clearly but for the sake of the contest, done!Hometown-DerekHeilman

Scott! THIS is a great redo. That blade looks vicious. Done!Hometown-ScottNeuberger

Jesus! Yes! Battle worn, field tested, VICTORY! Done!Hometown-JesusFonseca

Martin! Great clean up. This entry is crisp. No it’s crispy! Done!Hometown-MartinLopez-Rev

Jeremy! Very nice redo that “Y” is much clearer and this colorway is a stylie addition. Well done! Done!Hometown-JeremyRodriguez

Slice Toad Hell Atom Inmate Monuments

Kai! This is an easy one-n-done. You’ve really stepped your game up. I take exception with the name though. Why isn’t this called the “Home Slices”? Awesome stuff Kai!Hometown-KaiTakahashi-2-01

Scott! Another New Haven design, do you and Kai go to school together? I’ve been to New Haven and it is, in fact, filled with fancy frogs. Love this guy, one-n-done!Hometown-ScottSaffran2-01

Aaron! The OG Clinker! With an awesome design to boot. I love Aaron Bird’s mind. A strong canidate for an instant draft but we have to leave some designs on the ballot to vote on. One-n-done!Hometown-AaronBird-01

Joe! OHHHHHne-n-done!Hometown-JoeOsborne-01

Justin! Great redo! Simple, tough, iconic. Done!Hometown-JustinWright-Redo-01

Sean! Normally this kind of design scares me. When it comes to hats simple is best and this guys has a lot going on. But, you’ve really sold me on the design by using a simple color palette. I could see this being done in all one color thread and looking really great. I love this, the first hat with a still life on it. One-n-done!Hometown-SeanCollins2-01

Doug! AWESOME redo. Done!Hometown-DougVanderMeulenRevisions-01

Exo! This guy is a lot of fun, I really like how you’ve done the baseball, I love his expression. I feel like it’s missing something, maybe a plunger? Wrench? Mushroom? I can’t put my finger on it, but I want more. Great start though!Hometown-Exo-01

Instant Draft! David’s Big A’s of NY

Second Instant Draft pick of the Hometown League is David Creighton-Pester’s Big A’s of NY! Go David! The retro charm of this little bugger is oozing out of my screen. Those shiny cheeks, that grin, that tilted posture. It’s epic stuff and we’re excited to have him apart of the League. Great work David, keep it up! More new entries tomorrow!


Wild Snow Sinker Metro Star Bozos

John! Cool concept! but I want more wild, exploding, flaming, deviousness. Also, careful of those thin lines. Thin lines don’t embroider well. Great start lets turn this PG-13 into an R!Hometown-JohnMac-01

Cooper! Another ambitious entry from Cooper. This is by far your best to date! I can tell you really pushed yourself. One-n-done!Hometown-CooperMurnane-D-01

Cooper! Another ambitious entry. I love the expression you put on this guy’s face. You’ve also got the thin line issue. But I love the spirit of this guy, he could be a character on Adventure Time!Hometown-CooperMurnane-E-01

Jesse! Yes! One-n-done!Hometown-JesseVelleu-C-01

Gyula! Yes! A master at work! One-n-done!Hometown-GyulaNemeth-01

Justin! Amazing! I love both of these equally! Amazing job of keeping the design simple but full of story and fun. Two-and-done!Hometown-JustinSiddons-A-01Hometown-JustinSiddons-B-01

Algot! Ha!!! Teacher’s pet. It took me a bit to see the California state in there. Maybe push him closer to the actual shape. Then worry about making it wrapped in a tortilla! I had a California burrito for lunch…everyday!Hometown-AlgotAnderson-B-01

Algot! This is a very good likeness. Very good. Is the name a play on Animaniacs? I love the hair. Spectacular! One-n-done!Hometown-AlgotAnderson-C-01

Joker Taniwha Torcedore Angel Fires

Jason! I love it when a Clink veteran returns! And with a great entry. I really like the style you’ve rendered this guy in. The round head, the way you’ve executed the face details, the placement of the hat points. One-n-done!Hometown-JasonVillanti-01

David! This is great, simple, iconic, a great shape for a hat logo, with great imagery. One-n-done!Hometown-DavidCreighton-Pester-01

David! This is great too. I like that the pins are bat shaped. I think I’d opt for an explosion around the ball hitting the bats vs. the current speed marks. Other than that this is great! Well done.Hometown-DavidCreighton-Pester-B-01

Dave! This is a great rendering of a cigar/bat. You have all the relevant details. You even have a cool angle going for you. But I want more out of the concept. Can you tie it to Cuba somehow? Can you use smoke to give the negative shape a more interesting form? What about adding a cool looking band around the thing? What I’m saying is you need one more storytelling element in there. You got the skills David now lets see you push this guy into greatness!Hometown-DaveFeheley-01

Sofia! I love some lady energry in the Clink Room! First, this entry is not called LA Angels but “the City of Angels” for obvious reasons. Second, I like the design concept but I need some specificity. I want those building to be LA buildings. Better yet, a whole L.A. skyline. But I really like the explosion/wing concept and the shape of the logo is cool. Just be sure to do your research and get some real-life references in there. Now go!Hometown-Sofia_Ridemar-01

Sean! Very ambitious. You’re great at rending and I like the storytelling elements you’ve chosen, I want to see you simplify and use icons. An illustration heavy logo can be great, but it better be unified with a strong graphic style. I think you need to push that aspect a little more. I’d also like you to use symbols of rushing water and symbols of Americana and government vs. illustrations of those things. Does that make sense? Now go forth Capitol of the Confederacy, go forth and represent Richmond in one badass logo.Hometown-SeanCollins-01

Jeremy! This is a great concept. I have a few suggestions, keep the colors silver so that it reads as a mic more quickly. Ditch the stand. make that “B” more legible. I like the style of the “B” though, keep that. If you really want it to represent the Bronx you should make it a “BX”. I think you’re onto something strong here, keep-a-truckin.Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-01