Introducing the Laredo Lemurs!

We unveiled a new team this week. A new independent team hailing from Laredo, Texas. The Laredo Lemurs! Why the laredo Lemurs, well a few million-billion years ago prehistoric lemurs roamed the Laredo countryside. Not to mention the fact that Lemurs is just about as fun a mascot as we’ve ever dreamt up. Here’s the family of marks we created for the team. The mark I’m most excited about is the sleeve-patch featuring a tiny Lemur digging his claws into the player’s sleeve wielding a bat ready to kick some but. There’s also a leaping lemur carrying a Texas inspired flag with a “7”/Star hybrid(Laredo has the distinction of flying 7 flags). If you’re in the Laredo area next year, head on out to the ballpark to see all the fun Mark and the guys at Ventura Sports have planned.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone! Next week we begin a new collaboration contest. Get excited!

Introducing the Sugar Land Skeeters

Jason and I are proud to introduce to you the Sugar Land Skeeters. Hailing from the great State of Texas these guys will take the field in 2012. The name Skeeters was not only an incredible fit for the town of Sugar Land (Say it with a Texas twang and tell me it’s not perfect.) but just about one of the greatest names for a minor league team that I can think of.

It was a fun project to work on and Opening Day Partners, the guys that own and run the team, have so many great plans for that community. Sugar Land and the Skeeters will become a legendary baseball destination in no time. Behind-the-Scenes coming soon!

Texarkana B.T.S. – 2

Gunslingers was the final name for this now defunct Independent League team, but we came up with concepts for Fire Ants and Lone Razors (Those sketches tomorrow). Fire Ants could be cool but I’m not crazy about any of these. Maybe the spiderman-esqe ant with the “T”. Nah.

On a business tip – we’ve done a few independent league teams. It always amazes me when we work for an independent club that knows how to make it work from a business stand point. Opening a new club, essentially created out of thin air, is an amazing feat if you can pull it off.

Texarkana Gunslingers – B.T.S.

Here’s a deep cut behind-the-scenes. The Texarkana Gunslingers were an independent baseball team in Texas. Now defunct unfortunately. For this project we explored 3 team names – Gunslingers, Fire Ants and the Lone Razors (That one’s pretty awesome right?). Gunslingers was the easy A in the bunch so it makes sense that it was chosen. The top sketch was developed into the logo they used. I’d love to see those guns and bandolier embroidered in raised thread.

We’ll show you Fire Ants tomorrow and Lone Razors on Friday.