Happy 10th Birthday to Mishka

In 2010 we got an email from one of our favorite brands Mishka asking to collaborate with us. We were excited and flattered. Mishka is so fun and so progressive we knew that whatever we got to do together would be really special. And it was! The work we did for Mishka is still some of my favorite work to come out of our shop. There were a bunch of fun tees produced and of course a couple great 59Fiftys. I think those 59Fiftys were really special. Jason and I always get excited whenever those designs get reused by Mishka on hats, jerseys or even watches. Thanks for a memorable project Greg and Mikhail and here’s to 100 more years of destruction! Click HERE to see more of what The Clink Room and Mishka did together.


Round the Clink-uverse

Every once in a while we like to rundown what’s going on in the Clink-uverse. Here tiz is.

How come I’ve never heard of the the Pixar short “Partly Cloudy”? It’s spectacular! Good God these guys are amazing.

What does that video short have to do with the Clink-uverse? When we were in the Bay Area a few months ago we drove around the Pixar campus just to see if some of that pixie dust (Pixar Dust?) would rub off. Here’s a picture from the rental car as we creepily rolled by. I think I heard the guard yell, “Stalker!”

(NSFW-ish) Here is a really cool video featuring an amazing song by Le1f. He’s wearing wearing a jersey emblazoned with the logos, wordmark, and numbers that we designed for Mishka.

And here’s the world’s most disgusting jersey design.

How to Make it: Mishka Edition

How to Make it in America: Mishka Edition! Check these great interviews with the Mishka guys. Jason and I are proud to be a super small part of the Mishka family. The video is a great portrait of what they’ve got going on over there. A bunch of fun, interesting, humble guys grindin’.

Mishka Tees!

We got Mishka tees here! When Mishka asked us to collaborate on the Cycotics brand they originally asked for just a couple of hat designs. But we whipped them into a tee-jersey and Cyco Simon mascot froth. 4 styles available. White & Black colorways of the Cycotics City logo. With the Mishka trademark “78” in custom Cycotics numbering with the Mishka wordmark we created.

We also did two Cyco Simon mascot tees. One in Black, full color running the rivals mascot down. And a signature Clink behind-the-scenes style sketch of Cyco Simon on white.

Get the Mishka X Clink Room tees here. The circle is now complete.

Thanks, as always!

As always, you guys are the best. I haven’t thanked you guys enough over the last few drops. The Mishka X Clink Room collaboration was one of our best unveiling weeks ever. We love and appreciate you all. If you haven’t got one, and you want one, get one, and get em here.
Kick this weekend’s ass!

Mishka Cycotics – Bitchin’ Stichin’

Thought we’d give you guys a glimps of how we take a design and translate it into instructions for New Era. This is a process that we’ve refined by doing it a lot. A lot, a lot.

I’m going to go on a bit of a side note here, I’m as proud of this Cycotics City’s stitch instructions as anything we’ve done. It’s a complicated logo for embroidery and while making it large on the cap gives you a better chance of it coming out well. It’s really a puzzle that you have to put together. A 3D puzzle. I can’t wait for you guys to get this cap in your hands. It’s the most sculptural cap we’ve ever done. The logo feels like a relief sculpture. The photos don’t do it justice. Enough tooting of the horn.

The process begins with a stitch direction suggestion diagram. I say suggestion because this is just an aide for New Era’s digitizers. They have the final say of what works and what doesn’t. But if they’re good, they get what were after and New Era is almost always great. After the stitch direction we give them the raised embroidery diagram. I really like how the raised portions came out on this logo. But I feel like this is an area that we could do a better job of designing with this in mind.

Grab the cap here to see the crazy nut job embroidery in the Cyco Simon undead flesh.

Cycotics – Now Available!

The Clink Room is proud to present our collaboration with one of our favorite brands, Mishka! Both Cycotics caps are available here.

The two New Era 59/Fifty feature the Mishka x Clink Room collaboration in two styles. The Cycotics City logo on a solid black cap embroidered in black, Mishka magenta, Mishka turquoise, white, yellow, and dark navy. The Cycotics Skull logo on a white with black pin-stripe crown and black visor cap embroidered in Mishka turquoise, black, white, and Misha magenta.
Clink Kong approves.

Mishka X Clink – Drunk in the Bleachers!

Hey, check this out! To get yourself into the spirit of the Mishka x Clink Room collaboration the fellas over at Mishka reached out to an old friend & fellow sports enthusiast Caps (of The Stencil) to create a very special Jock Jams mix.

I used to tease Jason in High School for having Jock Jams on repeat in his car.
Casey: “Why are you listening to this at 7:30 in the morning? It’s like a perpetual pep rally in here.”
Jason: “What? It gets me pumped up.”
Casey: “Why do you need to get pumped for first period?”
Jason: “Stop oppressing me.”
Casey: “So now your the Nelson Mandela of cheerleader music?”
Jason: “Yes.”

Мишка & The Clink Room Present Drunk In the Bleachers by Caps by Мишка Bloglin

Enjoy “Drunk In the Bleachers”, a thirty minute set that will transport you instantaneously to the stadium as you gear up to watch the latest and greatest band of misfits, The Мишка Cycotics try and do the impossible and bring home a totally fake pennant!

Мишка & The Clink Room Present Drunk In the Bleachers by Caps
1. Drums of Death – Ozzy
2. Queen – We Will Rock You
3. The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
4. Dire Straits – Walk of Life
5. AC/DC – Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
6. Run DMC – King of Rock
7. Led Zeppelin – Good Times Bad Times
8. Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
9. Public Enemy – Fight the Power
10. Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion
11. Metallica – Master of Puppets
12. Pantera – Walk
13. Black Box – Strike It Up
14. Daft Punk – Robot Rock
15. DJ Cleo – Mabebeza
16. Technotronic – Get Up
17. Rammstein – Du Hast
18. Chris Lake – Changes (Bodyjacking Baltimize Remix)
19. Blur – Song 2
20. Gary Glitter – Rock & Roll Part 2
21. A-Town Players – Bankhead Bounce
22. Trick Daddy – Let’s Go (feat. Lil Jon & Twista)
23. DJ Sega – Bodies Hit the Floor
24. John Fogerty – Centerfield
25. Arcade Fire – Wake Up

Now you have a sound track with which to kick this weekend’s ass!