Hey Clinkers! What you think of our new digs? Our goal was to create something cleaner than the original incarnation. A canvas that would allow Brandiose and Clinker’s work to shine. It’s been a long time coming for us, I know we’ve teased this redesign for a while now. What can we say, our plate is pretty full. But hey, it’s big, it’s bold, we’re loud, we’re proud, it’s here, let’s pour beer.

As you can see, we’ve better integrated Twitter and Instagram. Now, if you want your photos to appear on Clink right away, just tag them with #theclinkroom on Instagram and poof! You’ll also see that we’ve cleaned up our logos and branding. We’ve included Hat Club into The Clink Room’s message.

The best part? This is just the first step! Over the next few months you’ll see The Clink Room store get a reboot, no longer will it just be a section of HatClub.com but it’ll have it’s own look and feel. This design is also the foundation for a full-time Collaboration section, were you guys can run free like the salmon of Capistrano.

We hope you guys like what we’ve done with the place. We’re so excited for the future of The Clink Room. It’s unfolding slowly, but good things come in slow packages right? I think that’s the saying. Lets finish up the Hometown League this week! Thanks and keep on Clinkin’.

Rebranding Plan B.

Have you heard? Jason and I are rebranding Plan B. Branding! New name, new logo, and new website! For 11 years, the name Plan B. has served us well. But it’s time to freshen things up. When we started our company, we didn’t know what we stood for. Over our history, we’ve become known for making teams famous and now it’s time for a name that fits the mission.
Our buddies over at Strictly Fitteds were kind enough to do a Part 1 feature on our rebranding for their new magazine section. Part 2 will be available in a few weeks featuring our new name and logo. In the meantime, stay tuned for a fun unveiling event that we have planned. It’s something that all Clinkers and Plan B. fans can participate in, we think you’ll really like it.

Go check out Part 1 of Strictly Fitteds feature “Rebranding Plan B.” here.

As always, kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

The Stirrup Project

I got an email last week from Cash Collins, a Clinker from South Carolina. Works with (Started?) a charity, The Stirrup Project, to help benefit less fortunate Little Leaguers in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. I know Jason and I will be throwing a few ducats his way and I want to encourage all the Clinkers out there to chip in as much as they can afford. He’s also looking for a designer to help him update the look of the charity’s website and logo (check that out here). I’m kinda in love with the site’s logo and simplicity now, but it could use a few tweaks. Is there anyone out there that could help Cash out with a few hours of their time. It’s going to what sounds like a great cause!

This is what the Stirrup Project’s website has to say about it’s mission…”If you are not familiar with the Stirrup Project, then I’m about to sum up the entire story for you in a few sentences. The Project was founded with the idea that everyone deserves a chance to play baseball, and that chance is not available for many. With the help of you, I want to give that opportunity that most of us were blessed with to some of those who are little less fortunate. Therefore, if you care about baseball please read on to see if you can help support the Project.

The Stirrup Project hopes to serve many in the future including those here in the homeland and in underdeveloped countries. Initially, the Stirrup Project has undertaken two initiatives to provide baseball equipment to the less fortunate. I have chosen the Dominican Republic as one of our first drop destinations because we all know how much the Dominicans love baseball. And also, the project is teaming with the Henry Aaron Dixie Youth League in Allendale, SC as the other initiative.

I want to help as many of these kids as I can have the chance to live out their dream by providing them with adequate baseball equipment. So help the kids out, donate to the project, buy a shirt, or send baseball equipment. It is for the kids. If you have questions or ideas, please contact me at the info@thestirrupproject.com”

Thanks guys for any help that you can offer! Go to the Stirrup Project’s website to learn more…

Plan B. Branding’s Studio Team

Plan B. Branding is expanding its Studio Team for 2011, and we’re looking for hungry and talented programmers to help us on some upcoming projects. If you know PHP, HTML5, CSS and Photoshop better than your own mother, we’re looking for you!

Send your portfolio to theclinkroom@planbbranding.com. In the subject line put: “STUDIO TEAM”

Night League entry posts start tomorrow! Thanks, as always, to everyone who’s picking up a Blind Cave Shrimp cap.

Introducing the Sugar Land Skeeters

Jason and I are proud to introduce to you the Sugar Land Skeeters. Hailing from the great State of Texas these guys will take the field in 2012. The name Skeeters was not only an incredible fit for the town of Sugar Land (Say it with a Texas twang and tell me it’s not perfect.) but just about one of the greatest names for a minor league team that I can think of.

It was a fun project to work on and Opening Day Partners, the guys that own and run the team, have so many great plans for that community. Sugar Land and the Skeeters will become a legendary baseball destination in no time. Behind-the-Scenes coming soon!

Rebranded – Altoona Curve

Jason and I are proud to introduce the rebranded Altoona Curve. There are a ton of hidden symbols infused into this new brand. I know we’re only showing you the primary. I’m going to save my favorite part of this redesign for a later post when I can illustrate it more clearly. I’ll just say that it’s one of the coolest twists to an Official On-Field that we’ve ever created. Big ups to the guys in Altoona for going for it.

Introducing – Omaha Storm Chasers

Jason and I are proud to announce the unveiling the Omaha Storm Chasers. The Omaha Storm Chasers are the Triple-A Affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. The team had been named the Royals, but with the advent of a new stadium it was time to give Omaha’s hometown team a name of it’s own. We tried to keep it as Major League as possible with the tornado character there to inject a little Minor League fun into the equation. The “O” with the lighting bolt looks so excellent on a cap. Ah heck, they all look great in person. We’re really happy with the wordmarks as well. I was particularly happy with that “Omaha”. It’s going to give the uniforms a really clean look.