3 New Designed By Clinkers

We never made the announcement officially, but there are 3 new Designed By Clinkers hats now available in The Clink Room online store. Chris Cox’s Kraken featuring a mint green logo on royal hat. Kai Takahashi’s Slumber Jacks featuring a red, black and silver logo on a black and olive hat. And Kyler Wilson’s Early Birds in a retro Phillies color way of light blues on a maroon hat. Head over to our temporary Clink Room store hosted by Hat Club.

We’ll do a behind-the-scenes for these awesome styles in the next few weeks. More Hometown League entries Monday. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Brawlers – Now Available!

The Brawlers is the next team to join the Night League, designed by Efra Sanchez of Torrance, CA. Efra’s design depicts the barroom-brawler in all his debouchery. Popeye and Brutus ain’t got nothin’ on this bad mama-jama. Crafted by New Era, the Brawlers is an all black hat with a black undervisor with with and grey embroidery.

Go HERE to our online store to get yours.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Efra’s Brawlers – B.T.S. Pt. 3

Here’s the final artwork that Efra submitted to the Night League contest. Efra really is a killer character designer. The pushing up the sleeve is such a classic touch.

Here is the final “ready for embroidery” artwork. We removed some of the shadows in the head and arm.

Since Efra’s from L.A. we thought only one color way was appropriate for a hat entitled Brawlers. Tomorrow morning, we’ll preview the hat! Tomorrow night, the hat will be available!


Lets dig into T.J. Monteiro’s Boogiemen! This was a One-and-doner if I recall correctly. And what a one-n-Doner it was. I love this concept. Not only is a great design, but it’s funny and a perfect fictional team name. When we first started opening up the Clink Room to collaborations this is exactly the type of designs we hoped to get.

Here are some of T.J.’s inspirations.

T.J. was also inspired by this classic from MC Shan. “Hip hop was set out in the dark They used to do it out in the park.”

Tomorrow, T.J.’s epic sketches. And I mean it, epic.