Mr. Moon – B.T.S. Pt. 2

Here’s the second round of sketches that were completed after we got our feedback from the team. You can see a clear direction emerged pretty quickly. What’s fun about these concepts is how many of our ideas made it to the final concept. The baseball diamond reflected in the sunglasses, Mr. Moon eating BBQ, the hobo briefcase. A big Rick Ross-style “UH!” to the Tourists for running with these fun concepts.


Mr. Moon – B.T.S. Pt. 1

I know most of you Clinkers have seen lots of these sketches from our rebrand of the Asheville Tourists. But for those who haven’t, these sketches represent our efforts to modernize and create new icons of the Asheville Tourists. For those that have seen this behind-the-scenes, I think there might be a few new pieces of work in here culminating with a new Mr. Moon colorway Friday!


When we approached this project, our goal was to encapsulate a kind of summer sleep-away camp vibe. The Tourists’ ballpark is nestled in these gorgeous forests of North Carolina. It felt like camp, but you know, with beer. This first round is an early expiration of what that moon mascot might look like.

Canadians – B.T.S. Part 3

On Monday, I mentioned that we wanted the Vancouver Canadians brand to be “like a moose mated with a orca then vomited maple syrup all over a mounty”. In that spirit, we came up with some fun ideas. What if the Canadians’ mascot was a Wuzzle-style mash-up of all the iconic Canadian animals? An unholy union of Bear, moose, orca, and beaver.


The other fun idea we had was to do something crazy with their jersey numbers. What if every player had a giant maple leaf on their back that also happened to be the jersey numbers? Design-wise, that would require some serious planning. Each number (0-9) would require a left and right design so that you could assemble all the two digit numbers, as well as an additional set of numbers for when the player’s number is a single digit. As you can see from the above proof-of-concept sketches it would have been epic. Oh well! Below is the final family of marks, pretty clean if you ask me.


Canadians – B.T.S. Part 1

Hey Clinkers! Remember how we said a few weeks ago that we’d be returning the Clink blog to it’s former glory? Well, boom goes the dynamite we hear. This is what the week’s gunna look like. For the next three days we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look a project. Then, on Thursday, we’ll give a preview of the Official On-Field style that will be in the Clink store. Friday rolls around, boom, that hat will be available in the Clink Shop. How about them zeros and ones?

We’re starting with the Vancouver Canadians rebrand we did last year. The challenge was to keep the Major League feel of their current brand, but modernize it and add some Minor League twists. With a name like the Vancouver Canadians, it was pretty obvious what the brand had to embody, an explosion of Canadian pride. We wanted it to be like a moose mated with a orca then vomited maple syrup all over a mounty kind of Canadian. Here’s our first crack at some primary concepts.


Tomorrow, we’ll show you how we explored a simple iconic major league style cap marks.