Stockton Ports Alternate Logos

My apologies to Pat and his awesome team up in Stockton for the delayed posting of their new logos. We are really excited for these deigns, from the sailor to the asparagus, these designs are deeply embedded in Stockton imagery and folklore. I’ve said this too many times this week but I can’t wait to show you guys the behind-the scenes of this project.

Stockton is a great town, the heart of California’s central Valley, Stockton boasts the most inland port in the World. Most of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in California’s central Valley are shipped out of the port. Another great thing about Stockton is the Asparagus festival. Stockton is the asparagus capital of the World and that alone makes it one of my favorite cities in the World.

Speaking of asparagus, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! My favorite holiday. Over eating, football, and naps. We’re taking the rest of the week off. So kick this holiday weekend’s ass Clinkers!!!

IronPigs Official On-Field-Now Available!

Now Available! Lehigh Valley IronPigs Official On-Field (Home) cap, Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies, is one of our favorite official on-field cap designs and is ready to ship from The Clink Room online store. We’ve designed around 100 official on-field caps for Major and Minor League Baseball teams. This is one we think you’ll love.

This team and cap design is one of our biggest hits. It also represents the beginning of a trend that we helped pioneer: naming a team a goofy name like IronPigs, but designing the logo to be tough as steal. The team name is derived from the Lehigh Valley’s rich steel history where “pig iron” is steel in its raw form. Hence, IronPigs!

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Behind-the-Scenes: IronPigs Pt.4

Once we decided on an ear we set out to create a few rendering variations. Fleshed-out, simplified, super-simplified. Fleshed out was the winner. You can see that we tweaked the color highlights from this top version the final one.

Color! The IronPigs still hold the record for the most color options shown. No lie, these represent less than half of the color options. I think the colorway chosen was somewhere around the middle. I think.

This I know for sure. This is the final logo and colorway.

Behind-the-Scenes: IronPigs Pt.3

After the first themed up Disney-esque versions fell flat with the ownership and management, they told us to hit the sketchbook again. This time the direction was to create something that an NFL team named the IronPigs would use. It’s a great concept with PA being such a great football region but it was a pretty tough assignment. We’re capable of creating simple NFL-esque icons, but the IronPigs as a concept is not a simple story. I love the Houston Texans logo for it’s simplicity, but it’s so simple that it’s almost nothing but a silhouette. How do you show a pig made of iron in silhouette? Tough challenge, but we set out to explore that concept. Here are those first attempts…

After that tough round, we thought we might be onto something. After messaging the concept further, we worked hard to find an ear that felt like a pig’s and not like a dog’s. Ah, the weird assignments that we’ve tackled.

Behind-the-Scenes: IronPigs Pt.2

This project started out strange. We began the whole process with the lettering, which we rarely do. I think it was probably due to the “what is an iron pig look like” problem. The Lehigh Valley has a great Pennsylvania Dutch history and that history provided a ton of inspiration for fonts. Fonts that were never used, but great fonts nonetheless.

Then we set-out to discover what the heck an iron pig would look like. Jason and I are disciples of Disney, so our first inclination was to go with a pig dressed up like a retro iron worker. This guy would make a great mascot, but a logo, eh.

So here’s our attempt at making a logo out of the concept. Heavy Phillies influence of course. The flaming I-beam is a cool idea. Wonder why that hit the cutting room floor?

Behind-the-Scenes: IronPigs Pt.1

We’re going to spend the rest of this week giving you a small behind-the-scenes look at another one of our favorite branding and naming projects, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Named one of the top 25 names in Minor League Baseball.

This was a landmark project for us. Not only was the crew that helmed the development of the new team an all-star group but it was the Triple-A for the Phillies and Lehigh Valley is just a short car ride away. We started off, as we always do by visiting the Lehigh Valley area. We knew the name would be the IronPigs, named after pig iron, which is steel in it’s raw form. And with the Valley’s rich steel history there was plenty of inspiration to draw from.

These are a few photo I took of an old steel facility. I think these old ruins are as beautiful as almost anything Europe has to offer.

Crosscutters: Now Available!

Williamsport Crosscutters Official On-Field – Now available! This New Era 59/Fifty fitted cap is the same cap worn on the field by the Single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. The cap features a scarlet crown and a navy visor and button with the Crosscutters’ own lumberjack logo on the front.

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Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!