Thanks Ohio State University!

Jason and I want to thank everyone at Ohio State University’s business school for inviting us to share how we started and run Plan B. Branding at this years CAMP event. It was a great experience and I hope we get to do more like it. Here are some photos of the event. We need to get a photographer on duty next-time-round.
Thurman’s!!! Go there, it’s a dream on a bun.
Jason and I drove past this drive-thru quik-i-mart and had to go round the block to try it ourselves. Perfect for those cold Ohio nights.
Finally, Brutus showed up and Jason got his picture taken with him. For this act of treason, they’re planting a tree in Alabama right now in Jason’s honor just so they can poison it in 200 years.
Thanks again all you Buckeyes, it was a great experience!

Future C.A.M.P Talk

This Friday, Jason and I have the pleasure of speaking at this year’s Future C.A.M.P. (Columbus Advertising & Marketing Powwow) held at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. It’s open to the public. $5 to get in and you get all kinds of stuff, tees, lunch, and most importantly fresh ideas!

Jason and I will be telling our story of starting Plan B. Branding out of our college dorm rooms. How we market ourselves and a bunch of the wisdoms of pearl that we’ve accumulated over our 10 years in business.

Here’s the info…

Future C.A.M.P. 2011
Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio
Friday March 4th, 2011
Jason and I will begin our talk at 2:50pm
$5 to get in. Click here for tickets.
And click here to learn more.

Doorbell Drop – Orlando

While we were in Orlando for the Winter Meetings we snuck away for a hot minute to drop off an On-Location Doorbell Drop to Amber and Joshua. Joshua was out of town but Amber was excited to see us! Actually, from the look of this picture Jason might have been more excited than Amber. It was really fun to do this and it’s got us real excited to do more. Order sumthin and it could be your doorbell that gets dropped.

Winter Meetings Round-Up Pt. 2

And this is the final result. Typical limos or Hummer limos just weren’t big enough so we opted for 2 limo buses! The Jason bus and the Casey bus (the Casey bus was way better). It felt like Jason and I were competing with Mickey for attention every time we pulled up to the terminal and the hotel. And as hosts we had to rock the full white tux.
We picked up over 150 people over the course of the day. Before the day had begun Jason and I had a conversation about what percentage of people would be rocking the tux tees. He said 25% I said 10%. 90% were sporting them! 90%! I love you baseball.Here are the guys from the Lake Elsinore Storm, Single-A for the San Diego Padres. These guys always put on a master class in partying. Even some pole dancing.

Winter Meetings Round-Up Pt. 1

Jason and I were at the 2010 Winter Meetings all last week. We thought we’d show you a look behind-the-scenes of what we did to celebrate Plan B.’s 10th Anniversary and to thank all our clubs that we work with and are so grateful for.

We started off with the invitations. Each person who reserved a spot on the limo got one of these tees in the mail a week before the Meetings.

Over the last few months Jason and I have been preparing all sorts of goodies for the limo ride. Printed napkins and balloons. We even commisioned Paul from The No Problem to create this animation that would run on a loop on all of the video monitors in the limos.

Plan B. Branding – 2010 Winter Meetings from The Clink Room on Vimeo.

Once we got to Orlando we hit the booze store. Did you know people that work in baseball like to drink? Yeah-a lot. Mid-afternoon we ran out and had to restock.

We even had an iPhone App created just to help us coordinate our pick-ups and drop-offs. Crafted by Scott Davis at Critical Technologies Group, this app tells you when the party’s plane has landed by connecting to the FAA’s logs, if they’ve been picked-up and dropped-off, you can text or call them straight from the App, it even tells you what drink they prefer so that we can have the right beverage ready for them when they step on the limo.

Meet Jason in Omaha!

Jason will be in Omaha tonight as the franchise unveils the results of its name-the-team contest. Exciting stuff. Unfortunately, I won’t be there. But don’t fret, we’ll have meet ups in the future.

Go to the Embassy Suites – LaVista at tonight, Monday, November 15 at 5:00 pm to mess-up Jason’s perfectly coifed hair for me.

Introducing the Doorbell Drop

Jason and I travel for Plan B., a lot. We call it going on-location. Last week as we were getting ready for a trip and we got to thinking. It would be cool to do something for Clinkers on these trips. After all, we’ve shipped hats and tees to most corners of the globe. We’re bound to be in the neighborhood of one of you guys when we go on-location.

So as a new way to say thanks, one lucky Clinker who’s picked up something from us in the store will receive a “thank you” package hand delivered by us. Our first victim is Troy. Troy picked up a Pollos Terrible tee a month back. Now he’s got Clink tees growing on trees. Stay tuned for our next Doorbell Drop! Maybe your doorbell will be the one to get rung.

Top Secret Mission

Jay and I are headed to one of our favorite towns in the Union, Reading, PA, for a top secret mission. Pretty cool deal for us. More in the next week or so. Meet us at the Reading Phillies game on Friday night if you’re around. We’ll buy the beer. (Tall guy with gelled hair, taller guy in glasses and a big forehead.)

Even better news, because of the new site. Posting on the road is a cinch. Yes!

Clearwater Shoot Photos

Here are some photos that Jay snapped while we were down in Clearwater. One of the Ads is aimed at the enormous Senior population. So we did a Seniors run amuck in the ballpark thing, rented Rascal Scooters and everything.

This is a cover shot for a Senior make-out scene.

And, of course, the infamous Clearwater Threshers Wednesday happy hour. Game or no game! It was awesome.