Mishka Tees!

We got Mishka tees here! When Mishka asked us to collaborate on the Cycotics brand they originally asked for just a couple of hat designs. But we whipped them into a tee-jersey and Cyco Simon mascot froth. 4 styles available. White & Black colorways of the Cycotics City logo. With the Mishka trademark “78” in custom Cycotics numbering with the Mishka wordmark we created.

We also did two Cyco Simon mascot tees. One in Black, full color running the rivals mascot down. And a signature Clink behind-the-scenes style sketch of Cyco Simon on white.

Get the Mishka X Clink Room tees here. The circle is now complete.

Hawk Audubon Tee – B.T.S.

Once we’ve sketched an anatomical hawk, we have the freedom to contort and render the hawk in a greater variety of ways. You can see some traces of the final logo set in these drawings. we always sketch 30-40 concepts for each team. Even if the sketch isn’t chosen we try to go back thorough them all and drag the best parts of all the logos into the next phase of the process.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone.

Hawks Audubon Tee – B.T.S.

Part of why the Boise Hawks Audubon tee came into being is because of our design process. We knew we wanted the Boise Hawks to feature a hawk front-and-center. But before we tried to sketch something that would emboirder well. You need to know what a hawk looks like and there’s no better way to remember what something looks like than to draw it. This is one of those drawings.

When we were trying to come up with t-shirt ideas we thought it would be fun to show off that part of our process and to pay homage to one of our most inspiring reference artists, John James Audubon. Take a closer look at the shirt here…

The 3 Tee Showdown

This the last tee in our 3 week series. The Clink Room’s next officially-licensed tee, an Audubon inspired illustration from our hat logo for the Boise Hawks. This black colored tee showcases a Hawk carrying a baseball bat. The MiLB logo appears on the front bottom right corner. Inside you’ll find Clink size labels, featuring a unique design for each size. The scariest slugger to soar the skies.

We tried to mix it up each time around. Hopefully there’s a little something in here for everyone. Hit up the shop for closer looks at all three…

Threshers Tee – Now Available

Our first Officially-Licensed Tee, Phase IV design from the Clearwater Threshers design process. The royal colored tee showcases a Thresher shark chasing a baseball fully shaded. The Clink logo appears on the front bottom right corner. Inside you’ll find Clink size labels, featuring a unique design for each size.

Sporting this tee shows your instinct for seeking and destroying all variety of sporting goods.

Clink Kong design crits start Tuesday! Can’t wait, we’ve got some really great ones.

Great Discussion

Great discussion, Jason and I’ll stew on it over the weekend. 3 things…

We want you to be 100% thrilled with the fit of all products the you buy on Clink. As long as it’s the same product, and we have the size in stock, we’ll ship you the right size at no additional charge as soon as we receive your wrong sized product. We know that buying online can be freaky when it comes to size, not anymore.

Jason and I talked, we think the original description was confusing. Buy the size you wear in Beefy T, we think the shoulders are cut similar to A.A. with the fabric being a little softer than Beefy but thicker than A.A. In any case, the 100% FIT goes for the hats as well so a new logo is needed.

Oh, and to help you out, we think these new tees are sized like Hanes Beefy-T and are cut like American Apparel.

Just ordered the car air fresheners. What do you think of our new “Pray for inspiration” design? Tees and fitteds need to be made with this design.

Got 3 Clink Kong entries already. They’re lookin’ great. First Clink Kong crits on Monday.