BlazeRock:The Victory

Blaze Rock and his producer pac0naut are hardcore Clinkers. Always supporting what we’re doing here at Clink and Brandiose. Their album is coming out on 11/12 (my birthday!) and I’m very excited for it. Check their cover with the Hat Club Exclusive designed by Brandiose hat on the cover! Looks great guys!


We’re cooking something with them as well. I’m really excited to share it with all you Clinkers(if we can ever find time to get our act together, thanks for your patience Blaze Rock and pac0naut!)

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Buccaneers Rejected Concepts

We love to see rejected branding ideas, just as much as we love sharing them. Check out these concepts from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cutting room floor. We’re glad the collaborators went for Pewter helmets – it’s real authentic storytelling. Plus we love trying things that have never been done before. Cock your head to see some of those designs in the background.


Margarita Bike

Check out this Margarita Bike at the Eugene Emeralds game! Nothing shows Minor League hustle, quite like the dedicated Ems staff peddling for your frothy goodness. Not only do these wacky contraptions make us fall in love with Minor League Baseball, they get the creative mind flowing with all kinds of new possibilities. What new inventions do we need at Minor League parks this year?

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Happy Anniversary WDI

60 years ago Walt Disney had an idea for a magical place where fathers could take their daughters on Saturdays. Not all of the Walt Disney Company was on board with his idea. So Walt secretly pulled animators and set designers from from their desks, and stashed them around the studio to work on his magical place. With his own money Walt formed WED Enterprises (Walter Elias Disney) and, with the help of those animators and set designers, built that place we call Disneyland.

Here’s how Walt described it…

“Well, WED is, you might call it my backyard laboratory, my workshop away from work. It served a purpose in that some of the things I was planning, like Disneyland for example… it’s pretty hard for banking minds to go with it… so I had to go ahead on my own and develop it to a point where they could begin to comprehend what I had on my mind.”

In 1987 WED Enterprises was renamed Walt Disney Imagineering and they celebrate 60 inspiring years this year.

Lil Wayne Rocking the Storm Chasers

Every once in a while you see a logo in the wild what really geeks you out. It’s a weird feeling when you launch a brand, because it’s no longer yours. The fans own the brand and it resides in their hearts and their minds. It becomes something larger than those late nights moving pixels in Illustrator. The fan now owns it for themselves.

Our good friend Ben Hill just posted this photo of Lil Wayne rockin’ an Omaha Storm Chasers cap in neon a colorway. Great seeing him owning it for himself.

Abducted Lurking Ironic Snappers

Jared! Great redo!! I love this guy and it’s a really sophisticated design. Well done.

Darryl! Spooky! Reminds me of that movie Bronson. What a great looking movie that was. I really like this concept. And I think I get what you’re trying to achieve with the design. But, in the same thinking you used for that little nose highlight, I think you need a few highlights here and there to help flesh out the lighting. You’ll need a life reference to really get it 100%, but a little on the triceps, an ear or two, maybe a cheekbone. Get me? I think you could have something really cool here, keep pushing it. And you’ve officially scared me, great work!

Ian! Ironicos! What a great name. I think this guy’s stylin’ though. Nothing ironic about this look. Ready to slip on his racing gloves and go for a spin in his Austin Healey. I think the concept is great, maybe a different color-scheme would help sell the story of this guy trying too hard, dressing ironically to impress. What about pink on navy? Or navy on pink? It’s missing something, I’m having a hard time connecting the dots. Again, great name and a styling dude.

Jordan! Man what a great design. But that name is a big fat no no. Already a snappers in MiLB. What about the Leatherbacks? You know me, I’m all one color this and one color that but this is an instance where I think 2 colors is the jam. A provisional one-and-done, assuming you change that name. Great work!