Vermont Lake Monsters

Introducing our latest rebrand, the Vermont Lake Monsters! The Lake Monsters came to Brandiose with the mission to create a brand unlike anything in Minor League Baseball. Like Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse, they want Champ, their lake monster mascot, to be the star of the brand. Head over to the Clink store to get yours.



5 thoughts on “Vermont Lake Monsters

  1. Vermont is home to one of those situations that only happens in Minor League Baseball: their mascot is WAY more popular than the team. Fans and staff wanted to see more of Champ, so Champ it is!

  2. i like it… the diamond era cap with the giant stitching is my fave

    i also like a little bit of TMNT DNA in the design of the eyes… hello, leonardo 😉

    the old caps were great i agree as well (glad i was able to still find an alternate… damn procrastination, lol) but its cool the guys kept the white front panels like the old caps.

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