Clink Mercenaries - by Clinker BP Mercenaries

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By New Era

About This Design

Well first of all, we’re fitted hat guys. We LOVE designs and styles that are unique and different as much as we love the traditional stuff. We fell in love with the crazy designs and looks being created at the Clink Room and we wanted in. However, we’re not designers of anywhere near the skill it takes to grace the Clink Room. But we are purveyors of the hip hop arts. So we started brainstorming on how we could “design” a little something that shows our affinity for Clink Room as well as the group of incredibly talented artists and designers that have made such fresh wares to empty our wallets. A couple years ago we started with Clink Kong, which is a flip of a Blaze Rock song called King Kong. We then picked a few hats/designs that we thought were dope, and started creating some lyrical backstories and theme songs to go with them. BP Mercenaries was in full form! And from there, the Elements League was born. Fast forward and we jumped back into the fray with the rebirth and resurrection of the Clink Room, with Comeback League, another collection of stylings based on the creative ideas of fellow Clinkers. We’ve been fans forever so we were delighted to even be spoken about by the team. But now to be able to be in the fabric of the Clink Room fitted ethos? ITS CRAZY!! The design is as multi-entendre laden as our very group name. An ode to both our Hiphop roots, baseball, traditional, classic logos with a full head tilt to the wild craziness that embodies the Clink Room and of course BP Mercenaries. You couldn’t ask for a better combination to bridge Hiphop, Fitteds, Clink Room, BP Mercenaries - all we need is an air horn and its a wrap!

Designed by: BP Mercenaries, Phoenix, Arizona

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Black / Visor: Metallic Silver / Button:

Metallic Silver / Undervisor: Scarlet Red

100% Polyester

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