Limited Editions-
Designed by You

First, Clinkers from around the world post their designs to Instagram.

If your design kicks ass, you'll be featured in the Clink shop.

Then, you preorder their limited edition designs.

When a design hits its sales goal, it goes into production and is shipped directly to you.

What Clinkers Are Saying...

I swear y'all are going overseas and standing over the machines yourselves to get the quality in the details. If I had the resources, I would've just said fuck everything else dropping and invested in all the caps.
— @dank1thevandal
Is there a way I can sue this dude for making a dope hat? I have to go dumpster diving collecting cans and plastic bottles just so I can buy this fresh hat.
— @ill_e_go
I was sorta hesitant about pulling the trigger but again, The Clink Room took the time and effort to make this an incredibly dope hat.
— Dwayne Sims
This site is my poison ☠️. All these fresh hats. Fuck Pokemon Go. This shit is real. Clink Kong Go.
— @ill_e_go