First : Download the Entry Form

Pro Tip: You'll need Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to enter. Maybe someday we'll make it easier for Clinkers to create a design without those pro tools. But for now, that's how it's gotta work. If you don't know those programs, a great idea is to reach out to Clink designers that are in the shop and see if they'll collaborate with you on your idea!!

Next : Create Your Design

Pro Tips: Stick to the templates provided. Vector files (.AI or .EPS) are our preference. An Adobe Illustrator file is preferred, but we've heard good things about Affinity by Serrif which is a more affordable option. If you use Photoshop or similar program, we can work with you but, again, it's not preferred.

Last : Post Your Design to Instagram with the hopes of getting on "Monday Morning Critz"

If your design gets love on Instagram and gets the stamp of approval from the Clink Editorial Team, then you'll be sent a contract and we'll begin prepping your artwork for the Clink shop. When a design hits the preorder goal, we place the order with New Era and you get a 10% royalty of every hat sold.

Pro Tips: Stick to the templates provided. Vector files (.AI or .EPS) are our preference, but we’ll work with you if you use Photoshop.

Important: Only post your entry on a white background. Black or patterned backgrounds make it less likely that you'll get posted to Monday Morning Critz.

REALLY IMPORTANT: Don't just add @theclinkroom to the description of your post. WE WON'T SEE IT! You have to tag us!

Need Inspiration?

The Clink Room has it's roots in professional sports design so Clink uses themed Leagues to inspire Clinkers. You can create any design that you can dream up. But the Leagues are here to inspire and offer direction. Check out the latest Clink Leagues...

The world is full of brilliantly designed lion and tiger logos. Do we really need another one? What about the Axolotls of the world? Clink's got that miraculous creature represented with the epic Lil Axolotl designed by Clinker Crazy 4 My Caps.  But what about all the deep sea creatures and rare birds that don't get the love they deserve? How many extinct animals need their moment in the sun?

Pro Tip: Clinkers love a story and the easiest way to tell a story on a cap is with a trick we're calling "+1". What is +1? Sometimes a design can be cool enough on its own but we find that the most successful Clink designs have a +1 element. It's a Axolotl + an Aztec headdress! (The +1 of the Aztec headdress tells the story of this miraculous creature's homeland's heritage.)

A celebration of all things sugary, this League sets out to capture the joy of an incredible dessert, a bowl of sugary cereal, or a favorite fairground treat. The first entry into the Sweets League is the Rocket Pops designed by Clinker Full Count Studios & Dan Flynn. Maybe your design is an homage to your Mom's famous dessert? Maybe it's a fictional kid's cereal mascot? Or maybe it's a rotten tooth, the villain of the Sugar League Cinematic Universe?

Pro Tip: No copyrighted characters or iconography. We get it, you love Lucky Charms. Stay away! Don't get Clink Kong sued by General Mills, please!

The Galaxy League has been one of Clink's most successful design challenges. Producing instant classics like Abducted - by Clinker Josh or Astronaut Ice Cream - by Clinker 65Bold. Explore the far flung corners of the Milky Way, portraying aliens that have yet to make contact or pay homage to the brave astronauts of NASA like Ham the Chimp. There's a Universe of possibilities!

The Taco Shop League is a celebration of all things taqueria. The Clink Room was born in San Diego and we have salsa running through our veins. Your design entry could be an homage to your favorite dish, a mascot for the fictional taco shop of your dreams, or get ambitious, and try to enshrine the flavor that Fabuloso adds to each burrito. Some of our favorite designs for the Taco Shop League include Cochinita - by Clinker Jacobo and Horchata Man - by Clinker Stephen.

Clink Kong is the patron saint of The Clink Room and just like any good mascot, Kong gets to wear a lot of hats. He's been turned into a vampire in the design Count Kongula - by Clinker Jason, an Earth-defending mega robot in Mecha Kong - by Clinker Jacobo, and a death-dealing demi-god in Kong Reaper - by Clinker Guerillustrator.

This may be the most challenging of all the Leagues. Some of our favorite logos are simple one-color designs. The Yankees' NY is about as iconic as it gets. But it's tough to create a new monogram that inspires passion. The NY is a classic because of 100+ years of history, numerous World Series trophies, and associations with everyone from the Babe to Spike. So how do you create a one color Clink logo? Clink is all about storytelling and designs like Make Your Own Luck - by Clinker Aaron and Common Cents - by Clinker Full Count Studios have cracked the code. Can you?