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Questions About Submitting a Design

How does The Clink Room decide what hat designs are featured in The Clink Room's shop?

If a design is well executed, presented professionally, doesn't have any offensive subject matter in it, and isn't too closely referential to copyrighted material then you'll be sent a contract. Once we have receive the signed contract, you'll see your design appear in the shop within one or two weeks.

Once my design appears in The Clink Room shop, how much time will it have to reach it's preorder goal and head into production?

Once your design appears in the Clink shop, you have 1 month to reach the preorder goal. Trust us, we want your design to reach the preorder goal and go into production as much as you do. We'll be sure to notify you and all the Clinkers who have ordered your design if it has reached its goal.

Once my design reaches it's preorder goal, will it continue to be available for preorder? If so, how long?

Yes! Once a design reaches it's preorder goal, you'll have a week to continue to rack up addition preorders and earn those extra royalties.

As a designer, what do I receive when my hat goes into production?

You will receive at least 2 of the hats you've designed and 10% percent of the gross preorder sales from Before your hat is added to The Clink Room shop, we'll send you a contract that will outline the actual details of Clink's royalty program.

Why hasn't my design been featured on The Clink Room's Instagram or shop?

There are many different reasons your design may not appear on Clink's Instagram or Shop. Common reasons designs aren't featured are: Offensive or inappropriate material, designs or portions of designs that too closely resemble copyrighted material, an inability for a design to be embroidered. There's also a chance that we made a mistake and overlooked your design. Feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @theclinkroom.

Questions About Preordering a Design

How long will it take for me to receive my hat once I order it?

Production times vary widely. A range of 3-5 months from the date the order is placed is possible. We understand that's a long time to wait. We're as excited as you are to get your hat in hand. We'll be sure to notify you along the way of your design's production progress. Follow the progress of your preorder with the Production Tracker.

Will my credit card be charged when I place my preorder?

Yes, you will see a charge appear on your account when you preorder your design. When you preorder a design in The Clink Room, that cash is going directly towards production of the design and to pay royalties to Clink's designers.

Why can't I return or exchange my order?

Each design you preorder is being handcrafted just for you. Be sure you know your New Era fitted hat size before you order. But sometimes fit and finish vary. If your hat is a little too big, we recommend wetting the sweatband. The cotton sweatband should shrink a little, tightening the fit. If the hat is a little too small, you can "crack" the hat by carefully stretching the sweatband. If the hat still doesn't fit, because Clink hats are limited editions, they carry an appreciated value on the secondary market.

What happens if a design I order doesn't meet the required minimums to be manufactured?

If you purchase a design that doesn't sell a quantity high enough to cross The Clink Room's minimum quantity threshold, you will have two options. 1. We can issue you a full refund for the design you've preordered, including taxes and shipping. or 2. We can give you store credit for the full price of the design you've purchased, plus taxes and shipping, plus we'll give you an additional $5 credit to The Clink Room's online shop.

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