Macuahuitls - by Clinker Siock

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By New Era

About This Design

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Designed By: Siock

A native Mexican honoring his country’s heritage. Siock seeks to tell cultural stories through his designs with the goal of celebrating the art, history and mysticism of his culture. Miguel currently works for New Era Mexico.

The description of Siock’s design in his own words.

“The macuahuitl is an instrument that is used as a cultural ornament. It has a lot of history and enormous meaning, represents the tenacity, strength and benevolence of each one, Today, as my dad says, we have all that past full of culture among us, he said ‘your macuahuitl is your pencil and you carry it with pride, look, you already left a legacy designing.’” 

Macuahuitl, was a weapon that the colonizers themselves feared as the devil himself, a stealthy and apparently defenseless weapon,but with the virtue of splitting the enemy in half with a single cut.
Attractive because of its sharp crystals, strong and impetuous, the Spanish narrated this way.
Some Mexica stories said that only an elite warrior could use it even after his death, no one can wield something that brings blood from his blood 
Macuahuitl, a prehispanic weapon  that not only was she beautiful, but she was an item that all enemies were afraid of running into her.

Designed by: Siock; Mexico City, Mexico

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