Snapper Island - by Clinker Jay M

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By New Era

About This Design

Snapper Island is based on The Beast of Busco, a mythical creature, OR IS IT? An Indiana farmer spotted this giant alligator snapping turtle in a lake on his farm back in the 1890s. "Oscar" was spotted again in 1949, and became a big tourist draw. The farmer who owned the lake lost the farm because he spent everything trying to capture or kill the beast. He used dynamite and even tried to drain the lake. Allegedly, the Beast was the size of a dining room table. Since then, drawings of the Beast have exaggerated its size, even having a tree growing on it's back. I decided to really exaggerate it with a small forest on its back, as if it's whole back was an island. Snap up this hat before it's gone!

Designed by: Jay Matz, West Allis, WI

See more of this designer's work at Jay Matz instagram

New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Navy / Visor: Emerald Green / Button: Emerald Green / Undervisor: Green

100% Polyester

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