Download the Entry Form and create your design

Pro Tips: Stick to the templates provided. Vector files (.AI or .EPS) are our preference, but we’ll work with you if you use Photoshop.


Post Your Design to Instagram to get on "Monday Morning Crits"

Tag @theclinkroom. In the caption below your post, write a brief description of your design, maybe show sketches, and get Clinker's excited for your design. 

Every Monday, featured designs will be reposted on Clink's Instagram. Clinkers will weigh in to help make your design as badass as possible.


On Fridays, select designs will be ready for preorder in Clink's Shop!

If your design gets love on Instagram and gets the stamp of approval from the Clink Team, then you'll be sent a contract and we'll begin prepping your artwork for the Clink shop. 

When your design hits the preorder goal, we place the order with New Era and you'll get your 10% royalty.