Production Updates

Hey Clinkers this is Casey, founder of The Clink Room, we recently went on Clink's Insta and asked for your questions about production, the future, and design. As always, ya'll delivered. We love how engaged and passionate Clinkers are. It fuels us during these challenging production delays. The Q & A has been split up into 3 parts. In Part 1, we'll tackle the big questions everyone has about production and delivery times...

For Part 2, we'll concentrate on the future and our dreams for the future or Clink. (Spoiler: It's going to be an incredible future.)...

For Part 3, we'll address some of the questions from the design community. Bringing great design to the world through storytelling and fitted hats is our greatest passion in life. He hope you'll give it a watch even if you're not a designer...

If you’ve stuck with us during this crazy time, you’re a legend and your patience will be rewarded! When your hat ships, the box will be full of limited edition swag and hand drawn artwork. On top of that, we’ll be randomly including $50 gift cards with some boxes and one lucky Clinker will receive a golden ticket that can be redeemed for an all-inclusive trip to Clink’s studios in San Diego. We’ll fly you and a guest out to California, put you up in a hotel, take you on a taco tour, and help you design the hat of your dreams.

By now you know that manufacturing and shipping is screwed up around the world so we won’t dwell on that. But we think it’s important to note that Clink isn’t the only brand with delayed custom New Eras. We’ve heard that some brands were being told that they would not be getting custom hats until 2023! Not this year, 2022. But 2023?!? Crazy.

But not Clink! We will begin shipping our first round of preorders in April-May (check out the updated Production Tracker to find your preorder style) and we should have consistent shipments each month from there on out. I get that it’s crazy for it to take this long, but Clink should have some of the first custom fitteds shipping since the global production shutdown.

If you want to cancel your order, I get it. But I think you’ll regret it. The hats from canceled orders are already in the production pipeline and they’re getting shipped to our warehouse along with the preorders that people kept. Once those extra fitteds are here, we’re going to set up a special section of the Clink shop accessible only to Clinkers that have held onto their order. In that secret section, our diamond handed Clinkers will be able to purchase those extra hats and they will ship in a day or two. No waiting! Imagine that.

If after hearing all this, you no long wish to wait it out, no problem. Email us and we’ll fully refund you.

To all of you that are hanging in there with us, 2022 is going to kick ass! Y’all are early on this Clink revolution and we’ve got so many awesome plans for the future. Sometimes I can barely sleep I’m so excited to unveil it all. Thanks again, Clinkers! The entire team is grateful for your patience and support.