Bitter Birds - by Clinker Page Perception

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By New Era

About This Design

The Blue-capped Ifrit, native to New Guinea is one of only three bird species that are poisonous. Kaironk and Simbai villagers in New Guinea call the bird “Slek-Yakt” meaning “bitter bird” and to steer clear from the Ifrit as a viable food source. The defensive neurotoxin, known as batrachotoxins are found in its feathers and skin and are the same toxins found in the skin of poison dart frogs. It is thought the toxins are acquired from their diet of Choresine beetles. The blue-capped ifrit is characterized with a blue crown with a black center so I turned the black portion into a skull and crossbones to signify its toxicity. Add a mean mug to him and there you have the BITTER BIRDS!

Designed by: Page Perception; Charlotte, NC

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Air Force Blue / Visor: Black / Button: Black / Undervisor: Sky Blue

100% Polyester

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