Dead Presidents - by Clinker Full Count Studios

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By New Era

About This Design

It's all about the money! And everyone knows money has many names. Dolla Dolla Bills, Green, that paper, mad stacks, etc. etc. But this idea comes from my favorite nickname "Dead Presidents." I was inspired to bring this idea to life when someone uttered the phrase in an episode of Pawn Stars. I wanted to make the logo obvious as to who is being represented as a "Dead President." So I thought about money and iconic imagery associated with it. I thought about all of the Presidents on our money (because Franklin isn't a president) and realized that the most important and iconic was George Washington. He was one of our founders, lead the colonies in battle during our revolution, and began our new democracy as our first president. Plus he has an iconic look that really reads well when you take away facial features and replace them with a skull. Beyond Washington himself, I also thought the decoration and filigree on the one dollar bill would be the most fun to reduce down into the bare shapes to frame him like on a dollar bill. The hat itself is meant to look like a dollar bill on the front two panels, pairing other shades of green from the logo to really give it a money look.

Designed by: Full Count Studios; Fort Collins, CO

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Chrome White/Dark Green / Visor: Dark Green / Button: Dark Green / Undervisor: Green

100% Polyester

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