Fish Tank - by Clinkers Phil, Geminitriplets, & Creaturezoid

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By New Era

About This Design

Geminitriplets pitched the design. I had the vision all in my head, so I got to work. After posting the finished design, Creaturezoid posted a sketch of the same concept! They were pretty much spitting images! Turns out, Creaturezoid had shown me his sketches a few months earlier and I had totally forgotten! Well, except for my subconscious! Anyway, here’s Fish Tank, a group project!

Designed by Phil; Texas, USA

See more of Phil's work in Instagram.

Designed by: Geminitriplets; California, USA

See more of Geminitriplets' artwork on Instagram.

Designed by: Creaturezoid; Indiana, USA

See more of Creaturezoid's work on Instagram.

New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Gray / Visor: Light Navy / Button: Light Navy / Undervisor: Dim Orange

100% Polyester

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