Omen - by Clinker PagePerception

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By New Era

About This Design

You step to the plate, kick around some dirt and chalk, dig in to make sure your stance is just right. Throw your bat a few times at the pitcher as he takes the signal from the catcher. Just as he takes his wind up, you hear a voice in the stands yell out "knock the cover off the ball!" You grip the bat a little tighter while your back foot digs in a little deeper. The ball leaves the pitcher's hand and you already know it's your pitch. Your hands drive forward and you swing through. As the ball makes contact with the bat you hear a rip, the ball goes flying into left center field. The infield is perplexed by the baseball cover lying in the grass between third and short. A murmer begins in the stands as they are in disbelief with what they've just seen. The crowd and everyone on the field that day knew they had witnessed a phenomenon. This moment has sealed your fate; an omen that foretells the bright future that awaits.

Designed by: PagePerception; Milwaukee, WI

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Snow Grey / Visor: Black / Button: Black / Undervisor: Scarlet

100% Polyester

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