Samurai Koi - by Clinkers Phil & Tanxican

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By New Era

About This Design

When I was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan as a U.S. Marine I fell in love with the country, people, and culture. While I was there I attended a Hiroshima Carp baseball game. It was a blast! I caught Carp fever and hold a special place in my heart for that team. A friend of mine and I were trying to be louder than the Japanese fans, who are famous for being extremely loud and enthusiastic while cheering for their team. We taught them some American cheers, and they taught us some of theirs. My friend and I were actually caught on the Jumbo Screen jumping up and down! I have always wanted to do a Japanese inspired design, and was asked to come up with one by “Tanxican” on Instagram. Originally, the koi fish was going to be a carp as a nod to the Hiroshima Carp, but I changed it to the koi. I figured that koi(which is still a member of the carp family) would be “more Japanese,” and the samurai helmet and sword was based on Tanxican’s original idea of creating a samurai sushi. I hope you enjoy this design and will add this hat to your collection. Arigatōgozaimasu!

Concept by: Tanxican; Tuscola, IL

Designed by: Phil; Texas, USA

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Dark Graphite / Visor: Dark Graphite / Button: Sky Blue / Undervisor: Sky Blue

100% Polyester

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