Seduction - by Clinker Milos

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By New Era

About This Design

In the light, you can see what appears to be a beautiful woman's face, serene and innocent. But as night falls and the glow-in-the-dark threads illuminate, a sinister transformation takes place. The once tranquil face contorts into that of the fearsome Medusa, her eyes flashing with danger as her snake hair slithers and writhes in the darkness. The transformation is symbolic of the myth of Medusa, who was once a beautiful woman but was transformed by Athena as punishment for desecrating her temple. In the darkness, Medusa's true nature is revealed - a dangerous and deadly creature with the power to turn any who meet her gaze to stone.

Designed by: Milos; Belgrade, Serbia

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Dark Green / Visor: Dark Green / Button: Dark Green / Undervisor: Misty Morning

100% Polyester

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