Snow Day - by Clinkers Layne & Jay

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By New Era

About This Design

Snow Day is part of a Childhood Nostalgia series Jay Matz and I are currently working on. If you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to grow up around snow, then you remember those evenings before a school day when the snow began to fall and you crossed your fingers that your school would be canceled the next day. Me, growing up in NY, and Jay, living in Wisconsin, we both dealt with snow a lot. We wanted to capture that euphoric feeling of school being canceled after spending the night watching the news and waiting to hear your school listed as being closed. It was probably the best feeling a kid could experience! Jay did incredible work capturing my concept and even added some incredible Easter Eggs. You will notice he added the crayon and spoon in the boys hands. Two superstitions were kids sleeping with a spoon under their pillow, or putting white crayons on the window sill. The hope was this would help bring enough snow to cancel school. We hope this hat brings the incredible feeling of a rare snow day to you all, enjoy!

Concept by: Layne; Reseda, CA

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Designed by: Jay, West Allis, WI

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New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Crown: Air Force Blue / Visor: Air Force Blue / Button: Air Force Blue / Undervisor: Snow Grey

100% Polyester

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